Weights and Measures


I didn’t weigh myself before I got on the bike at all. In fact, I didn’t even think I’d be continuing down this path considering my history. I did, however, weigh myself in the middle of my initial bike riding routine, before I started the strength training:

An astounding 261.2lbs (no wonder that initial strength training workout kicked my butt, eh?)

My peak pregnancy weight in 2012 – 259lbs
Pre-pregnancy weight – 235lbs.

My highest weight ever? 298lbs  On a 5-foot 3.5inch body. My dear God. Luckily, I am still below my highest weight ever and its been a few years since it was that high, but I am still so far from where I feel that I would be healthy. I can’t set long-term weight goals right now, just a few small ones. The big picture will throw me off my track right now. I know myself.

My current goal? Getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. The next goal is obvious, but for fear of jinxing myself I can only focus on this goal right now!

Even cutting out most of the soda (the idea is all together, but I am also caffeine weaning so cut me a LITTLE slack?), drinking more water, eating better and fresher, getting more movement in,  the # on the scale wasn’t moving much or at all. I could tell my clothes were fitting better though, especially in the arms and thighs and tummy area. So, I can’t rely on the scale entirely since I could be losing inches. As of today, my scale still says 261.2lbs. It’s a Weight Watchers Digital Scale. My scale is a jerk.


So, yesterday I went out and got a soft measuring tape to measure myself properly. I wish I had done this before I started any of this working out business, but that’s okay!  Then I realized I probably had no real clue how to properly take my measurements so to the interwebs I went!

It has to be specific to a woman, because I am a woman. So I found this, How to Get Your Body Measurements, from the “for Dummies” website. It seemed so appropriate. My measurements are based on this guide.

My measurements as of today, 2/17/2014 are as follows in inches:

Chest – 50
Waist – 46.5
Hips – 56
Inseam – 28
Thigh – Lt – 31 Rt – 33
Upper Arm – Lt -17 Rt – 17
Sleeve Length – Lt – 27 Rt – 26

My additions:

Neck – 14.75
Height – 63.5

Measurements taken by my hubby because I didn’t trust myself to do it accurately on my own body! We did his too, but for the sake of his privacy, since this is my journey and not his, I will not.  The plan is to measure every Monday if possible. Maybe that’s when I’ll post the prior weeks workout stats? I’m not sure how I will do that. I do have a notebook I write everything down in to keep with me in the event I am not at home when I do some of my workouts.

Seeing those measurements kind of make me sad. Now is not the time to get discouraged. Those numbers should make me MAD. Not sad.

So to myself I say, “BE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION, LADY!”

And, I’m out!


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