Be excited! Be, be, EXCITED!

Hello Tuesday!

Today my baby boy is 15 months old. We had a lot of fun over the weekend. He’s babbling like a brook and he FINALLY stood all by himself in his bed, with the support of rails of course, but HE DID IT. I am a proud mama. If I thought I was chasing him around before he just upped the ante. Shiza!

Last week was rough. But I did all my workouts. I have decided to do my strength training 3x a week and my intervals on days that I am not doing strength training. So, Strength on Mon, Wed, Fri and intervals Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun.

Some might suggest I take one full day off and eventually, I may get there. For now, though, I really need to do something everyday so I don’t lose my mojo. Here’s what my workouts looked like last week – Mon,  Feb 17 –  Sun, Feb 23:


  • 10 min warm-up on stationary bike; Random, Lvl 4, 3.60 mi
  • Body Weight Circuits x3:
    4 squats – 10 push-up (knee support) – 4 lunges (supported) – 10 dumbbell rows per arm – 15 second plank 15 jumping jacks

This particular day was rough because my thighs were still SO SORE, but I was glad to get any leg work in at all.

Bike Intervals – 12 mins – Random – Lvl 4 – 4.32mi – 30sec/60sec (on/off)


  • 10 min warm-up on stationary bike;  Random – Lvl 4 – 3.60 mi
  • Body Weight Circuits x3
    5 squats – 10 push-ups (knee supported) – 10 lunges (supported) – 10 dumbbell rows/arm – 15 second plank – 16 jumping jacks

Bike Intervals – 15 min – Random – Lvl 4 – 5.40 mi – 3 min warm-up, 12 min 30sec/60sec


  • 10 min warm-up on stationary bike; Random, Lvl 4, 3.60mi
  • Body Weigh Circuits x3
    6 squats, 10 push-ups (knee supported) – 10 lunges (supported) – 10 dumbbell rows/arm – 15 second plank – 20 jumping jacks

Saturday and Sunday
Bike Intervals – 15 min – Random – Lvl 4 – 5.40 mi – 3 min warm-up, 12 min 30sec/60sec

So, I improved quite a bit since my first couple go’s at this!  I had a major meltdown yesterday because I made the mistake of stepping on the scale when everything in my being and everything I’ve read says I shouldn’t do that, at least not yet. I cried and cried because it didn’t budge. Not even a little. Plus it was too late in the day to take my measurements, which also bummed me out.  I was almost surprised by how upset I got.  Luckily my husband rocks and is my rock and gave me the motivation to continue my body weight circuits yesterday. Very thankful for him!

The scale doesn’t bother me today. Why? Because we did my measurements this morning (in inches):

Neck – 14.5  (down 0.5″)
Arm (L to R) – 16″ and 16″ (down 1″ and 0.75″)
Chest – 49.5″ (down 0.5″)
Waist – 45.5″ (down 1″)
Hips – 53.5″ (down 2.5″)
Thigh (L to R) – 30″ and 30″ (down 1″ and 3″)
Calf (L to R) – 20″ and 20″ (same and down 0.5″)

That’s right, I am down a full 10.5 inches in just a week! I can’t believe it! I know I have a lot to lose so it will come off quickly at first, but this totally made my day. Screw the scale! Make sure you always take your measurements!

This definitely gives me more motivation to keep going. My strength training even improved more yesterday than last weeks, but those stats are for a later time. I am really pleased with my progress and almost feel silly about my meltdown yesterday over the scale. I might chalk that up to a once or twice a month weigh in, or, I may not even weigh in at all until I am 4 to 6 weeks into my strength training routine.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading up on Paleo diets… which seems pretty easy. I even got some recipes from a friend. I am trying really hard to cut the naughty food and drink out of my life. My lack-of-caffeine headaches aren’t so bad anymore and they don’t start until nearly bed time now, which is preferable to starting in the morning and lasting all day. They are no longer near migraine status, which is great. I am/have been cutting way back on soda. I love thee.  I’ve not ruled it out completely, as I am not a coffee drinker and truly trying to become a tea drinker for my caffeine needs (toddler and all). I’ve narrowed it down to a 6oz glass or two of Dr Pepper 10 a day.  I love Dr Pepper. I’ve also not ruled out chocolate completely, just sticking to dark chocolate (which I actually prefer over milk chocolate) to receive it’s antioxidants.

My boy is chewing on a table right now so that’s all for now! Hooray for results!


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