Taters and MtFitnessPal

So, I’ve been lured into MyFitnessPal. It’s not easy work tracking every little thing you eat, you know? I find it it irritating and a little scary even though I have got most of my food related cravings and urges under control. I keep finishing well under my goal of 2110 a day, which is already a “deficit” of 3k something based on my height, weight and age. I am still having problems not eating enough and I am still eating mostly at night/dinner time. I almost always skip breakfast. Damnit. I do not have a problem with my h2o intake. I do like being able to track my physical activity though since it can give you an approx # of calories burned. I can see why it would be beneficial to have friends on there for motivation. I plan to keep using it for awhile to aid in dropping the aforementioned bad habits. Drop me your email if you want to pair up on MFP! 

Speaking of food, I made a lemony roasted potato salad this evening and it isn’t even bad for ya! I yanked the recipe from here: BevCooks. It is basically fingerling potatoes, plain Greek yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil, celery and mint. It’s served warm and its just…. Heavenly. Seriously, look:


Lemony Roasted Potato Salad

If lemons and taters are your thing, please do yourself a huge favor and make this (personally, I cut the recipe in half because I can’t leave leftovers, there would be none). No joke. This is my second time making it! I love potatoes and if it were up to me I would eat them every day. Alas, now we have about a once-a-week date but it’s such a GOOD time.

My workouts were all completed this week, of course besides tomorrow’s ride, which I do intend to complete. I felt like I needed a challenge somewhere, so when I am doing my bicycle intervals this week, I decided to up the resistance level from 5 to 6 for those 30 secs “all out”, then back to 5, repeat. Dude. DUDE. What a painful difference it has made all week. A good pain, a pain that reeks of hard work. My circuits were back to normal this week even though my leg feels a little wonky still, I was able to complete everything. Kicking my own ass is where it’s at.

I turn 30 a week from tomorrow and on Thursday I will see my doctor for a general follow-up – my last one in my 20s!  I’ve already started a list of stuff I would like to go through with her… Including talking about my ultimate goal weight and what would be healthy for me and my body. I am actually excited about this appointment. She didn’t really look like she believed me back in early March when I told her what I was up to, altering my lifestyle. Though we did discuss it and my workout routine (which she approved of, especially the bike since its easy on the joints). It will be nice to read over 20lbs less on their scale so she can see I wasn’t blowing smoke up her ass. I feel like I have to mentally prepare for THEIR weigh-in because it’s always a little more than my home scale, which had put me at just over 25lbs gone. Perhaps it’s the clothing difference, I don’t know. We shall see! More on that after it happens.

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend. Remember to laugh, especially at yourself. 🙂


Weigh In & Stuff

Last Week: 236.8lbs
This Week: 235.9lbs
Loss: .9lbs
Overall Loss: 25.3lbs

Well, it was a rough week last week, the weekend too. My husband conked his head (rather, the hatch of the Jeep fell on it) on Saturday. Safe to say he had a mild concussion. Poor guy. While we nursed his injury, I was on day 4 of some UGLY back pain. It hurt to sit, to lay down… I only felt okay on my feet so I stayed on my feet.

That pain stopped suddenly this morning upon the arrival of the red devil. Tmi? Maybe? It can be a real problem for some ladies. I’ve had back cramps my whole life before it, but nothing like that. I am well versed regarding low back pain, too. It felt like I was in labor again with my boy (back labor, yikes). I didn’t even think about the physiological effects all this exercise and change could cause.

Anyway, I will take the small loss, especially considering the bloating and all. I didn’t take my measurements today because I didn’t want any “false” numbers to discourage me as my low back and my bust always swell up. I’ve learned my lesson on that. I don’t need the mind games!

On a brighter, less tmi note, that small loss puts me back into my pre-pregnancy weight! Which was my first goal! Woohoo! I wanted to get there before or by my 30th birthday, which is in a week and a half away still. Feels pretty good. So, basically anything lower than this will be my lowest as an adult, which is just nuts to me. Also a little sad. Also a little intense.

I feel like the major milestones are on their way now. Not that I am dismissing my 25lb loss since February, I am proud of it. I guess I just feel like the pressure is on now but the only pressure I am getting is from myself. What if I can’t get any lower than this? What if I plateau?

I don’t know myself any lighter than this. Now its going to start happening and it scares me even though I should be excited. I am excited, just more scared. I have mixed feelings obviously. It’s all new from here on out and luckily I adapt well and quickly. I will figure it out!

I try not to focus too much on the number the scale shows me. I feel better and that is what this is really all about.

For instance, you should feel my arms, man. There is real, actual muscle in there. I can see the muscles on my thighs when I ride the bike now and slowly but surely my calves are starting their sculpted look. I can squat all the way to the floor now without hurting myself or losing balance and my skin has even gotten clearer.

All good things.

Nay, excellent.

Leg ramble and a random progress picture

Well, I’m not sure what happened with my left leg when I stretched on Monday, but, I think it’s okay? Ha.

Let me explain, my stance is much more square since that loud pop in my left leg/hip joint area. For the last four weeks I’ve been obsessed with my feet and my posture. When I would square myself up based on the feel of my stance, when I looked at them they seemed crooked. So I’d stand there and try to straighten them out and repeat the process. It’s been driving me nuts. Now, I will square off based on feel and when I look down my feet actually are square. It’s weird. Cool but weird.

My guess at this point is I pulled a muscle or something… But in a corrective way? If that’s even possible? I keep forgetting the physical ramifications of having had so much weight on 5’3.5″ and the potential injuries that come along when you get moving again. Your skeletal and muscle systems readjust as weight comes off and muscle is built or rebuilt. Anyway, I guess this is a friendly reminder. It doesn’t hurt so bad I can not handle it. It IS definitely sore though.

Be that as it may, I still have been getting my exercise in. I had completed my circuit training on Monday already when this happened. Tuesday I opted out of intervals but still rode the bike for 20 mins. Wednesday I modified my circuits (cut out the squats and lunges, only did pushups, dumbbell rows, plank and jumping jacks) and added an extra circuit for a total of 4 since I was basically losing my leg work. Thursday was a repeat of Tuesday and today, Friday, was a repeat of Wednesday. Booya, I got through it all and didn’t wuss out and use my injury as an excuse not to workout. I do think, though, that I have to take two days off this weekend as opposed to my solo Sundays. My leg needs the rest now. I’ll still stretch though. It’s becoming vital. I also really enjoy it now. Beats all the pain I would be in if I didn’t do it.

I’ve been feeling mentally and emotionally fat all day. Before I started this fat. I hate days like this. So, I took a picture and did a new side-by-side to remind myself of what I have accomplished so far. It has helped… I still can’t stand seeing the before pictures though. It still makes me feel ashamed and gross. I still see that before picture staring back at me most times when I look in the mirror. I am not nice to her and I should be. I need to acknowledge her because SHE started this journey, current me did not. I am but a product of “before’s” hard work.


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Weigh-In Day

Alright, last week was crazy hot. 102℉ all week, but I still worked out 6/7 days and kept my food choices simple and smart. Lots of fresh food, lots of salads with veggies, etc.

Here are this weeks weigh-in day stats:

Starting Weight: 261.2lbs(Feb2014)
Current Weight: 236.8lbs
   Down 3.3lbs since last week
Total Pounds GONE: 24.4lbs
Total Inches Trimmed: 26″
   2.75″ down since last week

It feels pretty good to be out of the 240s! This puts me only 1.8lbs away from my first goal, which was to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (I had dropped about 60lbs in 2011, mostly due to stress, so not a healthy loss like now). I am hoping to achieve that by my 30th birthday! It’s in two and a half weeks, I think it should be attainable barring I keep on-track! I will admit, I’m a little nervous about it. I feel like once I hit that pre-pregnancy weight (my son is 18mos, it’s not like I just had him), then my “real” milestones begin. I’m also excited about it though.

Yesterday I was doing a cool down stretch after my body weight circuits, when I heard a weird and very loud noise/pop come from my inner buttocks/groin area. It was loud enough to scare both my husband and myself, but it didn’t hurt like I had been injured, it hurt more like a serious adjustment had been made. Still not sure what to think of it. It’s a little sore today but not anything I can’t handle. I will still probably jump on the bike today, I just won’t do my intervals and take a leisurely ride today instead. Well, as leisurely as it can get on a stationary bike, anyway!

Pretty pleased with my results. I’ve worked really hard so it’s great to see and to feel my progress! I’ve always had the same couple of people in my life telling me I had an inner athlete in me. I think I am starting to believe them!



I forgot to add, I convinced my husband to do his weight and measurements today and am proud to say, that because my healthier lifestyle has affected the entire home, hubby is down 20.4lbs and 10.5″ since Feb 2014! He’s also been hopping on the bike here and there. 🙂

Breaking through mental blocks

So, I’ve lost enough weight that most of my pants are falling off. You know that look like you’re carrying a load in your pants? Not cute, man. Not cute at all. Plus, I just barely started fitting into the only pair of real shorts I had and now they’re almost too big, too. I am mostly happy about that except it’s been 102°F all week. I’ve still gotten all my workouts in despite the hot weather! Extra sweat = extra detox. I’ll take it.

Anyway, I guess my point is that I think I am at that stage where I have to take a real look at all of my clothes and get rid of stuff that’s obviously too big now. I’ve always been afraid to do this just in case I gained again, but it’s different this time. I have to do it so that the fat girl in my head won’t say “you still have your fat clothes just in case!” I’ve been working really hard lately on all my mental blocks. Been practicing deep breathing techniques, visualizations, affirmations and facing fears. I don’t need the extra weight for emotional protection anymore and I certainly don’t want to keep it around because I’m used to it.

Today I will start going through my clothes. I hope to keep doing little by little over the next three weeks. After all, that’s when I turn 30!  If I were unmarried with no children, I could probably knock this out in day, but since my 18 month-old is … well, 18 months, it will need to be done over time – nap time, bed time, haha!  Besides, as I lose inches and pounds I can continuously go through everything and then get some stuff that fits well around my birthday. Trying to find silver linings where I can. 🙂

I thought I was pumped to do this but it was way harder than I thought. Still managed to create quite the donation pile though. 🙂

Progress Pictures

Oh geez. I’ve been dreading this because I don’t want anyone to see. The old me doesn’t want you, or anyone to see it.

The new me, however, needs to do this. I am hoping it will stop me from seeing me “before” every time I look in the mirror.



Don’t mind the hair towel in the top one, eh? I was 18.7lbs down in the right-hand side pictures. As of this past Tuesday I was 21.1lbs down. I don’t take progress pics all the time. I didn’t even take my “before” pics truly before I started my routine. Now that I have hit the 20+ Mark, I will need to remember to do it as I hit personal milestones or whatever.

I’m really glad I started with a body weight/strength circuit and kept with it. I don’t feel so jiggly-jello anymore. I feel much more solid, stronger and flexible. Kind of exciting that it will only get better from here. 🙂


I’m feeling nervous, maybe a little exposed. This will be my sixth entry and I’ve only just recently made all of them public. Part of me thinks maybe I felt like I needed to prove myself before going public, so to speak.

At least that’s what I’ve tried to convince myself of. Time to be real about my fears going into all of this. First and foremost, I was initially afraid I would lose motivation. Well, three months later, I am still working out regularly and making overall wise food choices. Second, by making this blog public, I’m inviting criticism. That’s not necessarily what I want (though I will not dismiss it if it’s constructive and classy), but it comes with the territory. Just like doubters and trolls and just mean spirited folk. I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself for it. I’m making myself vulnerable by doing this and that scares the crap out of me.

I’ve always been a good person. We all make mistakes, sure. As long as we learn and grow from them we can remain and will be good people so long as we choose to be. I’ve chosen to be a good person and I’ve made my mistakes and learned from them. Sometimes it’s hard to take the high road. It can be mentally and emotionally taxing. I’ve been called every cruel name I can think of. By people I love (albeit there was a drug problem with that one, didn’t lessen the sting), by people who used to be my friends, strangers, etc. I’m allowing myself to step into that again and it’s terrifying for me. My emotional side thinks I’m nuts. My analytical side says it’s good, get past that fear. If it happens it happens, they don’t know YOU.

I don’t even have a following or a band of readers right now and I may very well never will. Who knows. I can’t sit here and be anxious about something I only ever really intended to be a place for me . Some place I could track my progress, rant, post recipes I don’t want to forget. A time capsule of what will someday never be again. It’s not for anyone but me. I need to remember that.

That being said, my trend this week seems to be facing fears. Not only on the fitness and well-being side of things, but also within some touchy areas & subjects with family. So far, even though my stomach has been in nervous knots, I mostly feel better about my braver choices. It feels good to be able to be real with people.

As Hubby always reminds me on Tuesdays(weigh-in and measurements), this journey will have peaks and valleys.  So, hopefully, I will have the wisdom and insight to enjoy my peaks and the strength to endure, learn from and conquer the valleys.