Fitness Update: Still Alive!

Okay, so maybe I am not updating on Monday’s like I had intended to. In fact I haven’t updated in a couple of months. My bad. It boiled down to no place to privately or effectively write without my son bulldozing through everything. Luckily, WordPress has an app, so I am trying it out!

Now, just because I have been absent, doesn’t mean I haven’t been active. In fact, the longest stretch of time I took off between workouts was 3 days and that was because of a knee injury. For instance:

Starting weight: 261.2lbs
Current weight: 240.1lbs

Starting Measurements
Chest/Bust: 50″
Arms: LT & RT 17″ ea
Waist: 46.5″
Hips: 56″
Thighs: LT 31″ RT 33″
Calves: LT 20″ RT 20.5″

Current Measurements
Chest/Bust: 48″
Arms: LT 15.75″ RT 15.75″
Waist: 39″
Hips: 50.25
Thighs: LT 30.5″ RT 31.75″
Calves: LT 18.75″ RT 19″

Total LBS Gone: 21.1lbs
Inches Trimmed: 23.25″

Considering I am in the middle of my 13th week of my strength training via circuits and stationary bike interval training, I think I am on a positive track. The right track. My track.

I’ve stayed pretty consistent with my workouts. My circuit training is basically the same – 3x circuits @ 10 squats, 10 push-ups (still knee assisted, not strong enough for the regular kind yet), 10 lunges, 10 dumbbell rows per arm, 20 sec plank and 20 jumping jacks. I typically will do this Mon, Wed and Fri. I do a warm up stretch session and ten minute bike ride beforehand. In case anyone needed a refresher, I found this particular circuit workout at Nerd Fitness. I’ve modified it of course and am working on increasing reps and times as I go.

Just in the last two weeks I can finally do the lunges unsupported! My squats have gotten super low too, which seems to be benefitting my ass-ets. I’ve also moved on from the gallon water jug, which was ~8.5lbs, to 10lb dumbbells. I think I should be able to move on to 12s pretty soon.

The interval training on the bike has gotten boring, but I am still doing it. I’ve moved from a resistance level start of 3 to 5 and am up to 18 minutes versus my original 10-12. I do 30 sec on / 60 sec off, “on” being giving it all I’ve got and “off” being at a comfortable pace. I do this on Tues and Thurs. Saturday’s I take a leisurely 15-20 minute ride (preceeded by a long stretching session) just to get some activity in. I will also substitute this kind of ride if I’m not feeling well or if my back is on fire, luckily that’s not been often. It is frustrating because we don’t have the strap for the bike that reads the heart rate so I’m kind of stuck with a manual, random or hill option. I typically choose random.

I take Sundays off. Eventually I will feel I’ve earned two days off, but for right now I feel it is safer and better for me, personally, to get 6 days of workouts in if possible. Like I am less likely to make excuses to keep not working out. I hope that makes sense!

Things noticeably different so far? Definitely overall flexibility has increased. I enjoy my long stretching sessions now because my low back has FINALLY loosened up enough to start adjusting and moving again. I think that’s my favorite. Also, finding out I do, in fact, have a waist and high cheek bones! Oh yeah, my collarbones are starting to make an appearance as well, along with just overall improvement with my mood and sleep, which is huge for me. Of course my clothes are way looser, which is cool. I’ve been slowly finding shirts that were a little tight around the upper arms and gut and seeing what happens. Haha, so far, I have been pleased!

I do keep a physical day planner to track my workouts. I have not slacked on that. I’m totally going to want to put a stats sheet together at some point. Miles biked, squats accomplished, etc.

It feels pretty good to be in the habit now. I never thought I would get there. My husband has been super supportive this entire time. I couldn’t keep this up without his constant encouragement.

So far this journey has not been easy, physically or emotionally, but those are subjects for a different time. I’m proud of myself. I finally, truly mean that.


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