Progress Pictures

Oh geez. I’ve been dreading this because I don’t want anyone to see. The old me doesn’t want you, or anyone to see it.

The new me, however, needs to do this. I am hoping it will stop me from seeing me “before” every time I look in the mirror.



Don’t mind the hair towel in the top one, eh? I was 18.7lbs down in the right-hand side pictures. As of this past Tuesday I was 21.1lbs down. I don’t take progress pics all the time. I didn’t even take my “before” pics truly before I started my routine. Now that I have hit the 20+ Mark, I will need to remember to do it as I hit personal milestones or whatever.

I’m really glad I started with a body weight/strength circuit and kept with it. I don’t feel so jiggly-jello anymore. I feel much more solid, stronger and flexible. Kind of exciting that it will only get better from here. šŸ™‚


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