Breaking through mental blocks

So, I’ve lost enough weight that most of my pants are falling off. You know that look like you’re carrying a load in your pants? Not cute, man. Not cute at all. Plus, I just barely started fitting into the only pair of real shorts I had and now they’re almost too big, too. I am mostly happy about that except it’s been 102°F all week. I’ve still gotten all my workouts in despite the hot weather! Extra sweat = extra detox. I’ll take it.

Anyway, I guess my point is that I think I am at that stage where I have to take a real look at all of my clothes and get rid of stuff that’s obviously too big now. I’ve always been afraid to do this just in case I gained again, but it’s different this time. I have to do it so that the fat girl in my head won’t say “you still have your fat clothes just in case!” I’ve been working really hard lately on all my mental blocks. Been practicing deep breathing techniques, visualizations, affirmations and facing fears. I don’t need the extra weight for emotional protection anymore and I certainly don’t want to keep it around because I’m used to it.

Today I will start going through my clothes. I hope to keep doing little by little over the next three weeks. After all, that’s when I turn 30!  If I were unmarried with no children, I could probably knock this out in day, but since my 18 month-old is … well, 18 months, it will need to be done over time – nap time, bed time, haha!  Besides, as I lose inches and pounds I can continuously go through everything and then get some stuff that fits well around my birthday. Trying to find silver linings where I can. 🙂

I thought I was pumped to do this but it was way harder than I thought. Still managed to create quite the donation pile though. 🙂


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