Weigh-In Day

Alright, last week was crazy hot. 102℉ all week, but I still worked out 6/7 days and kept my food choices simple and smart. Lots of fresh food, lots of salads with veggies, etc.

Here are this weeks weigh-in day stats:

Starting Weight: 261.2lbs(Feb2014)
Current Weight: 236.8lbs
   Down 3.3lbs since last week
Total Pounds GONE: 24.4lbs
Total Inches Trimmed: 26″
   2.75″ down since last week

It feels pretty good to be out of the 240s! This puts me only 1.8lbs away from my first goal, which was to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (I had dropped about 60lbs in 2011, mostly due to stress, so not a healthy loss like now). I am hoping to achieve that by my 30th birthday! It’s in two and a half weeks, I think it should be attainable barring I keep on-track! I will admit, I’m a little nervous about it. I feel like once I hit that pre-pregnancy weight (my son is 18mos, it’s not like I just had him), then my “real” milestones begin. I’m also excited about it though.

Yesterday I was doing a cool down stretch after my body weight circuits, when I heard a weird and very loud noise/pop come from my inner buttocks/groin area. It was loud enough to scare both my husband and myself, but it didn’t hurt like I had been injured, it hurt more like a serious adjustment had been made. Still not sure what to think of it. It’s a little sore today but not anything I can’t handle. I will still probably jump on the bike today, I just won’t do my intervals and take a leisurely ride today instead. Well, as leisurely as it can get on a stationary bike, anyway!

Pretty pleased with my results. I’ve worked really hard so it’s great to see and to feel my progress! I’ve always had the same couple of people in my life telling me I had an inner athlete in me. I think I am starting to believe them!



I forgot to add, I convinced my husband to do his weight and measurements today and am proud to say, that because my healthier lifestyle has affected the entire home, hubby is down 20.4lbs and 10.5″ since Feb 2014! He’s also been hopping on the bike here and there. 🙂


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