Leg ramble and a random progress picture

Well, I’m not sure what happened with my left leg when I stretched on Monday, but, I think it’s okay? Ha.

Let me explain, my stance is much more square since that loud pop in my left leg/hip joint area. For the last four weeks I’ve been obsessed with my feet and my posture. When I would square myself up based on the feel of my stance, when I looked at them they seemed crooked. So I’d stand there and try to straighten them out and repeat the process. It’s been driving me nuts. Now, I will square off based on feel and when I look down my feet actually are square. It’s weird. Cool but weird.

My guess at this point is I pulled a muscle or something… But in a corrective way? If that’s even possible? I keep forgetting the physical ramifications of having had so much weight on 5’3.5″ and the potential injuries that come along when you get moving again. Your skeletal and muscle systems readjust as weight comes off and muscle is built or rebuilt. Anyway, I guess this is a friendly reminder. It doesn’t hurt so bad I can not handle it. It IS definitely sore though.

Be that as it may, I still have been getting my exercise in. I had completed my circuit training on Monday already when this happened. Tuesday I opted out of intervals but still rode the bike for 20 mins. Wednesday I modified my circuits (cut out the squats and lunges, only did pushups, dumbbell rows, plank and jumping jacks) and added an extra circuit for a total of 4 since I was basically losing my leg work. Thursday was a repeat of Tuesday and today, Friday, was a repeat of Wednesday. Booya, I got through it all and didn’t wuss out and use my injury as an excuse not to workout. I do think, though, that I have to take two days off this weekend as opposed to my solo Sundays. My leg needs the rest now. I’ll still stretch though. It’s becoming vital. I also really enjoy it now. Beats all the pain I would be in if I didn’t do it.

I’ve been feeling mentally and emotionally fat all day. Before I started this fat. I hate days like this. So, I took a picture and did a new side-by-side to remind myself of what I have accomplished so far. It has helped… I still can’t stand seeing the before pictures though. It still makes me feel ashamed and gross. I still see that before picture staring back at me most times when I look in the mirror. I am not nice to her and I should be. I need to acknowledge her because SHE started this journey, current me did not. I am but a product of “before’s” hard work.


Down 24.4lbs and 26″ since Feb 2014

Sure, I’ve got a ways to go still. I’ll have a ways to go literally forever. What I’m doing isn’t to just drop weight, it’s to nourish and respect my body and be healthy because our bodies are capable of incredible things. Childbirth really taught me some huge lessons about my own body. I SHOULD treat it like a temple. It IS.


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