Weigh In & Stuff

Last Week: 236.8lbs
This Week: 235.9lbs
Loss: .9lbs
Overall Loss: 25.3lbs

Well, it was a rough week last week, the weekend too. My husband conked his head (rather, the hatch of the Jeep fell on it) on Saturday. Safe to say he had a mild concussion. Poor guy. While we nursed his injury, I was on day 4 of some UGLY back pain. It hurt to sit, to lay down… I only felt okay on my feet so I stayed on my feet.

That pain stopped suddenly this morning upon the arrival of the red devil. Tmi? Maybe? It can be a real problem for some ladies. I’ve had back cramps my whole life before it, but nothing like that. I am well versed regarding low back pain, too. It felt like I was in labor again with my boy (back labor, yikes). I didn’t even think about the physiological effects all this exercise and change could cause.

Anyway, I will take the small loss, especially considering the bloating and all. I didn’t take my measurements today because I didn’t want any “false” numbers to discourage me as my low back and my bust always swell up. I’ve learned my lesson on that. I don’t need the mind games!

On a brighter, less tmi note, that small loss puts me back into my pre-pregnancy weight! Which was my first goal! Woohoo! I wanted to get there before or by my 30th birthday, which is in a week and a half away still. Feels pretty good. So, basically anything lower than this will be my lowest as an adult, which is just nuts to me. Also a little sad. Also a little intense.

I feel like the major milestones are on their way now. Not that I am dismissing my 25lb loss since February, I am proud of it. I guess I just feel like the pressure is on now but the only pressure I am getting is from myself. What if I can’t get any lower than this? What if I plateau?

I don’t know myself any lighter than this. Now its going to start happening and it scares me even though I should be excited. I am excited, just more scared. I have mixed feelings obviously. It’s all new from here on out and luckily I adapt well and quickly. I will figure it out!

I try not to focus too much on the number the scale shows me. I feel better and that is what this is really all about.

For instance, you should feel my arms, man. There is real, actual muscle in there. I can see the muscles on my thighs when I ride the bike now and slowly but surely my calves are starting their sculpted look. I can squat all the way to the floor now without hurting myself or losing balance and my skin has even gotten clearer.

All good things.

Nay, excellent.


One thought on “Weigh In & Stuff

  1. I feel ya on the back pain! My poor wife gets heart palpitations and migraines when the red devil (love that, btw!) comes calling.
    180 lbs was the smallest I was as an adult so I have plenty to go before I’m knocking on the door of new territory. I understand it’s got to be scary – just stay smart and keep on keepin on!

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