Taters and MtFitnessPal

So, I’ve been lured into MyFitnessPal. It’s not easy work tracking every little thing you eat, you know? I find it it irritating and a little scary even though I have got most of my food related cravings and urges under control. I keep finishing well under my goal of 2110 a day, which is already a “deficit” of 3k something based on my height, weight and age. I am still having problems not eating enough and I am still eating mostly at night/dinner time. I almost always skip breakfast. Damnit. I do not have a problem with my h2o intake. I do like being able to track my physical activity though since it can give you an approx # of calories burned. I can see why it would be beneficial to have friends on there for motivation. I plan to keep using it for awhile to aid in dropping the aforementioned bad habits. Drop me your email if you want to pair up on MFP! 

Speaking of food, I made a lemony roasted potato salad this evening and it isn’t even bad for ya! I yanked the recipe from here: BevCooks. It is basically fingerling potatoes, plain Greek yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil, celery and mint. It’s served warm and its just…. Heavenly. Seriously, look:


Lemony Roasted Potato Salad

If lemons and taters are your thing, please do yourself a huge favor and make this (personally, I cut the recipe in half because I can’t leave leftovers, there would be none). No joke. This is my second time making it! I love potatoes and if it were up to me I would eat them every day. Alas, now we have about a once-a-week date but it’s such a GOOD time.

My workouts were all completed this week, of course besides tomorrow’s ride, which I do intend to complete. I felt like I needed a challenge somewhere, so when I am doing my bicycle intervals this week, I decided to up the resistance level from 5 to 6 for those 30 secs “all out”, then back to 5, repeat. Dude. DUDE. What a painful difference it has made all week. A good pain, a pain that reeks of hard work. My circuits were back to normal this week even though my leg feels a little wonky still, I was able to complete everything. Kicking my own ass is where it’s at.

I turn 30 a week from tomorrow and on Thursday I will see my doctor for a general follow-up – my last one in my 20s!  I’ve already started a list of stuff I would like to go through with her… Including talking about my ultimate goal weight and what would be healthy for me and my body. I am actually excited about this appointment. She didn’t really look like she believed me back in early March when I told her what I was up to, altering my lifestyle. Though we did discuss it and my workout routine (which she approved of, especially the bike since its easy on the joints). It will be nice to read over 20lbs less on their scale so she can see I wasn’t blowing smoke up her ass. I feel like I have to mentally prepare for THEIR weigh-in because it’s always a little more than my home scale, which had put me at just over 25lbs gone. Perhaps it’s the clothing difference, I don’t know. We shall see! More on that after it happens.

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend. Remember to laugh, especially at yourself. 🙂


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