Weigh-In Day and BMI ramblings

So, today was/is weigh-in and measurements day! I was nervous as the red devil has not been gone for long so I knew I was still retaining water. But, it’s the last few days of my twenties so… On with the show:

Starting Weight: 261.2lbs
Last week: 235.9
Loss: 2.7lbs
Current Weight: 233.2
Total Overall Loss: 28lbs

Inches Lost: 2.5″ (for the last two weeks)
Total Inches Trimmed: 28.5″

Holy cowbell, right? I will take it! This puts me below my previous record of 235lbs as my lowest weight (in my adult years)! It is all brand new for me here on out.

I went to check my BMI here, as I do from time-to-time. I’ve gone from 45.5 to 40.7 according to that calculator. Then I saw something for a Body Fat Calculator on the same page and decided to see what I could see. For females it requires wrist and forearm measurements and I had the tape out anyway. This is what happened:


Body Fat Calculator, 27.64% body fat

A body fat percentage of 27.64%? I feel like it’s wrong. According to the Body Fat Chart, I fall under “Acceptable” Body Fat. Not fit or an athlete, but acceptable and not in their “obese” category. What the? They have an equation example of how to help figure out a realistic body weight. I did this equation based on my #s and apparently… 64.45lbs of me is body fat, according to that. I don’t know. I found it all very overwhelming and a little confusing. Am I doing the math wrong?

I know I don’t have a small frame, I would have considered it medium if I had to but maybe it’s large? I have thick wrists and bulky calves (I’ll never have Hollywood dainty calves, its just not in my genes!) Regardless, even though I will talk about all of this with my Doctor on Thursday, it made me realize that I likely have under 100lbs to lose now. I doubt I will look or feel healthy under 140. According those calculations, a healthy weight range for me seems to be higher than 140.  Which defies the original BMI chart….

It was an unexpected realization that hit me like a ton of bricks. I cried because I am proud of myself. I cried for the girl 28lbs ago, the girl who was once 298 at her highest. I told her I loved her but that she is no longer good for me. Then, I cried like I just broke up with myself. It was a really surreal and odd moment for me.

I STILL FEEL CONFUSED.  So naturally, now I am super impatient about my Doctors appointment come Thursday.

It was a good day though, all in all. I’m pretty ready for my second adolescence — 20s — to be over. Bring on the new decade!


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