Late Night With B.

So, not only is my birthday coming up, so is my nephews! Two days after mine.

This time two years ago I started hand making birthday cards for my nieces and nephews, I have seven of them. Two years ago I was pregnant, not working and had a lot of down time due to my pregnancy-long morning sickness. Making cards was personal, fun, worked my creative muscle and was cost effective. I could hammer these cards out in a 6-10 hour session depending on what it was. They still take that long, but it is so hard to find chunks of time throughout several days to do. Alas it has been completed, which is great since I will see him tomorrow morning:



The right side is obviously writing space, which has since been filled.

Boy loves him some Sonic the Hedgehog. I, too, in fact. I remember playing it on the Sega Genesis. Or how about Echo the Dolphin for Sega CD? WTF? Eff that game and its weird difficulty.  I got stuck in the 16-bit SNES era. Games lack intense, quality stories nowadays. Not like I have time for them anymore anyway, but sometimes I do long for a serious nerd sesh with some Chrono Trigger or something.

This has gone on too long. Anyway, I’m up late because I wanted to finish the card. Otherwise I had a pretty good day on Thursday.

I had my Doctors appointment and it was probably the best one I can ever remember having. She was stoked I had a list of stuff to ask her in front of me, she was happy with my weight loss and says I’m losing at a good pace for me. She also said I was an excellent patient and said it was refreshing to see someone taking control of their health and being prepared with questions ahead of time. So that was really good to hear. My blood work from March still showed slightly elevated LDL (166 in Dec to 135 in March, normal range being 0-99), but had lowered a lot without medication, which I am trying to avoid.

After discussing diet and exercise in length we both determined medication still wasn’t necessary and she wants to wait another 3 months to check again to make sure my body chemistry is completely adjusted. She refused to talk “goal weight” with me, stating the obvious everyone is differently structured. So, I’m okay with that. Right now the obvious smaller goal is to get under 200lbs. She said the amount of time I workout per week is good, to remember literally everything in moderation. It was nice to work with my Doctor instead of being talked at by one.

Oh, I forgot to mention… I don’t normally weigh more than once a week but, today I just HAD to know what my home scale said versus the scale at the Doctors. I am happy to report that both of them said 233lbs even, which is .2 down from Tuesday and 28.2lbs down total. 🙂 Sweet!

Anyway, as a result of the visit to the doctor, our day got pushed way, way back. I didn’t jump on the bike til late (but I did!), went to the store late, late dinner for the baby – which means ultra cranky, bratty baby at bedtime. After he went down at 8, I was pretty much assembling that card. I think I ate dinner? I haven’t tracked properly on MFP today… I am WAY under calorie goal for Thursday. I will finish it before I go to sleep.

Which I would like to do. Quite soon!


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