So, I am Thirty, now.  A lot happened in my twenties so I am anxious to see what this decade has in store.

I didn’t go nuts on my birthday with food. I did track everything on My FitnessPal and still came under my calorie goal for the day. I saved myself for dinner. It was a little potato salad, a green salad, veggies and a 6oz filet mignon followed by Breyers Carb Smart vanilla ice cream and homemade, cooked greem apples with a little cinnamon and brown sugar. I’ve never been a cake person, or even a pastry person but I LOVE ice cream. I feel like I should mention that I traded my Sunday rest day to Saturday as a gift to self. I did make up my ride on Sunday.

In somewhat celebration and definitely, 100% of out of necessity, I took myself to Kohls today since my mother-in-law basically gave me real life Monopoly money (Kohls Cash, it was my first time). It was $50, so I figured I could find a pair of pants.

I basically gave myself a panic attack upon entering the store. I was instantly overwhelmed. It has been a LONG time since I have shopped for myself, besides for sports bras and shoes. I have been stuck in a 22w-24w pant for
.. at least a decade. I put these pants on now and at first they fit okay, but thirty minutes later they’re falling off my ass like its their job. But that initial “they fit okay” feeling had me thinking, as I am standing there bravely staring down an 18 that there was no way (while pulling up my pants every two seconds), even though I’m almost 30lbs down, that I fit into anything smaller than a 22. The logical side of me told me to suck it up and see what happens ’cause I was being a wuss, totally.

So what the hell did I do? I grabbed a pair of 16s, too. Holy shit.

Well, I am pleased to report that I fit, comfortably bending and sitting, in those size 18 pants. Daaaaaaaang, girl. I attempted the 16s and while I could get them on and buttoned/zipped just fine, they were still tight around the thigh, weren’t comfortable to sit in and muffin top, my friend. BUT, I am not far away from them. So, I grew a pair and decided to purchase them both since they were 70% off and an additional 25% at the register. I then grabbed some crazy, comfy Champion high impact sports bra. It was $46, but it was completely worth it. So between the discounted jeans (which came out to $29 for the two), the bra and the Kohls cash, I only spent $25 out of pocket and had a savings of $143. Isn’t that NUTS?

They were Jennifer Lopez jeans, not that it mattered to me. I just liked the cut, feel and color initially.

It felt pretty good, I must say, to finally know for sure I was out of the 20s. As irony would have it, when I got home I had a birthday card in the mail from my mom with a $30 gift card to Kohls. Ha! For another time!

I also scored some new dumbbell weights for my birthday so I am looking forward to incorporating new sets into my strength days.

Tomorrow…. Or, I guess later today at this point, I am looking forward to hitting up the grocery store. We have run out of most everything! I was able to really stretch the budget in May, hoping to be able to do the same or better for June.


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