Late Weigh-In post

This past week has been awfully busy. I’m getting ready for it to wind down, though!

So, let’s get to it! I did not do measurements on Tuesday because we honestly forgot, haha. But I’m finally okay with missing a week of numbers now and again. I did weigh though:

Starting Weight: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 233.2lbs
Current Weight: 230.6lbs
Weekly Loss: -2.6lbs
Overall Total Loss: -30.6lbs

So, pretty neat, eh? Finally broke 30lbs down and I am almost out of the 230s!

I would also like to report that I am currently wearing an XL sized Pure Energy tank top from Target (the “Women’s” dept. still), not a 2X or a 3X. I also purchased an “XXL” Merona shirt  from the regular ladies department and IT FITS.


And as weird as it feels to type about it, my Doctor snipped off a bunch of tiny skin tags around my neck today. I had asked her about it last week and she said OK like it was no big deal. They hadn’t bothered me before my son discovered them and started trying to pull them off. Not cool.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to have to weigh at the Docs, but I did. It was at 230 even! I will attribute that to having been dehydrated and retaining h2o.

Bonus weekly loss: .6lbs
Bonus (new) Overall Loss: 31.2lbs

Bonus, haha. Well I guess it’s a bonus for me, anyway, since I wasn’t prepared for it and the appointment wasn’t even until 4:30.

Today became a rest day be accident. I’m okay with it as my legs are seriously thanking me for not putting them through much aside from the usual house, store, doctor, toddler things. They feel SO much better – I took a nap with my son, which I don’t normally do because I’m not normally a napper. It was so therapeutic on so many levels.

Some progress pictures for hitting 30+ lost!




4 thoughts on “Late Weigh-In post

    • Thank you!

      It has given me the courage to think about going through my old clothes again. They’re all in the 22-24 range and quite clearly… Probably don’t need to be around. I have some nice stuff though, most of it from Lane Bryant so I’m like… This was a lot of money and it’s still pretty. D: hahaha.

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