Weigh-In & Stats

I was good and didn’t weigh late this week or skip out on my measurements.. even though, you know, it’s not the best time for them.

Alas, here we go:

Starting Weight: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 229.7lbs
Current Weight: 227.5lbs
Weekly Loss: 2.2lbs
Total Loss: 33.7lbs
Inches Trimmed Since 6/3: 6 inches
Total Inches Trimmed: 36 inches

So, I hadn’t measured in three weeks, I guess. Whoops. We measured my 19 month old today and he is 32.5″ tall and weighs 30.2lbs… I’ve officially lost my toddler in weight and height and then some. Don’t worry, I’m not obsessed with my child’s height and weight, I just thought it would be nice to write it in his baby book since there are many months I don’t have, plus everything was out and he was somewhat cooperative.. Ha. This also means my boy is over half my height already……………………

Anyway, on all the BMI charts out there, I am no longer in the “Morbidly Obese” category, just regular obese, haha! I have used two different body fat % calcs and one developed by the US Navy (using: weight, hips, waist, wrist and forearm), puts me at 27.61%. This BMI calculator app, (using age, height, waist, neck and hips) puts me at 48.14%.  It seems like a pretty big difference, I just wish I knew which one is more accurate. I did some weird elbow measurement to try and help determine my frame size, and no surprise, I fall in large frame category. Which means where I think I want to be and will feel comfortable weight-wise is a realistic and healthy range for me. My BMR using the Harris Benedict Equation vs the app were roughly the same. So I don’t know. Perhaps too much information at my fingertips.  Whatever the case, it is all far better than it was just over four months ago.

Four months! It feels like so long but it went so fast. I don’t know if it is my Gemini duality but I have battles like this on the daily with myself. People, at least by word of mouth, don’t let ‘you’ know what the hell else comes along with weight loss, getting fit and getting healthy. Nobody tells you it’s emotional as f_ck. Or about fat girl syndrome when looking into the mirror. No one talks about weird, lumpy, in-between phases, about the sourpusses who still stare at you in the store like a fatty and all you want to yell is “SHOULDA SEEN ME 33LBS AGO!”

This is all stuff for a later time and more appropriate post, perhaps tonight. Time to get a sammich ready for the little!


6 thoughts on “Weigh-In & Stats

    • Thanks! Me too… I try to tell myself it’s a rights-of-passage. Though, I’m not sure if it is true or if I am just trying to make myself feel better, haha.

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