Schweddy Balls: The Blast Furnace

The weather people and the Doppler say it is supposed to cool down to the high 80s℉ this week. I hope so.

It’s been hard to get my regular workouts in, it’s been hot and where I need to do it at home (away from my boy and in the same room as the bike) is definitely the hottest room in the house for most of the day. I used to be able to get them in late mornings when my son went down for a nap but these days his naps don’t start until around 12 or 12:30pm. It’s already too hot back there to put myself through. Sigh. Then said room is occupied by my MIL at night. You see my dilemma.

So, I’ve been trying to stretch at the very least as well as get some family walks in during the evenings, even if they range from 10 to 45 mins. I enjoy walking with my husband and son because it doesn’t feel like such a chore. On the flipside of that, since it doesn’t feel like one of my regular workouts its been hard to register in my head that yes, you did exercise today or get rid of that scolding “you didn’t even DO anything today” mentality. It’s a wicked game we play, my Brain and I.

I am missing regular body weight circuits though. I had cut them to twice a week and in the past few weeks it’s been once a week with my other four days just cardio. I just want to be strong, really. I don’t want to lose too much muscle mass because Mother Sun is blessing our drought filled state with her everlasting blaze. I need to find a balance.

I just feel overwhelmed. I am always so tired. We’ve been discussing moving, since our work here is basically done (long story short, my FIL suffered from Alzheimer’s, we came down to care for him 24/7; found out I was preg 1 month before he died – he died May 2012, my MIL wasn’t doing well so we stayed to help. Once she was doing okay she had a sciatic issue – she’s 83 so – now we are ready to leave and have her all set up but have been having trouble finding regular work. Nobody in the business world cares if you took care of your elders, they just care that you’ve been “out of practice”). I always get amped up when we talk about moving because I miss my friends and family SO MUCH and get sad they’ve missed out on my son’s growth this whole time. I try not to get my hopes up too much in case it doesn’t work out for some reason but I need the hope. Just not the crushing part.

Literally every single detail will matter because it will be on a super strict budget. I am not as worried about that part as the cats, really. They’re getting old and mostly harmless but nobody wants anyone to have three of them in their rental home. I can dig it, sure. It sets some SERIOUS limitations though.  Plus, with nobody around here to help watch our son (his gma can’t even pick him up, before anyone asks) for any length of time, he has to come with us everywhere and be part of everything unless hubs and I go do everything separately, which isn’t always possible. I don’t mind usually but when it comes to stuff like organizing and packing and moving, it just takes so much longer when your toddler is “helping” with everything. He is pretty cute though and he makes me laugh, so I’m going to need to find a productive way for him to “help”. I do believe that this time will be different though. It has to be!

I need to keep my head in the game. Stop sipping off of husbands coke soda! That’s been a problem recently and it adds up fast, as MyFitnessPal keeps calling me out on. Get moving more, start drinking tea again, chill the fuck out, drink MORE than 64oz of water per day because it’s summer and well… Duh.

I just need to check stuff off of my list. Can’t do that bitching about it here. 🙂


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