Heat, Gas and Workout Woes

One month-ish into 30 years-old and my body is revolting against me. I’m sure it’s also unfamiliar weight territory but you know, what the hell is happening?

I feel like every single thing I eat results in trapped gas all at the very top of my abdomen. It is a phase or is it forever? I mean, I actually went and purchased an OTC gas relieving product – and it worked. Damnit. It usually just helps me burp. I’ve never been much of a farter; I know you needed to know that about me. Anyway, this has made me put off eating longer and longer into the day because I don’t want to feel all that pressure and surely I can’t chew those tablets everyday, right? Is it the prolonged heat and the massive water retention (I am getting my water in but damned if my body wants to let any go), a combination of factors? It’s summer in Southern California so I probably can’t expect it to let up much. I mean, let’s be real, we had winter for a week but it’s basically been summer for a year now.

SUMMER, YOU FORESAKE ME. I am not a fan of the hot weather. Give me a sweater, man, preferably something hooded. I’m trying to like it, though, all the extra heat makes for extra sweat which means more detoxing and calories burned throughout the day. Something like that.

Over the last two weeks I’ve been adding weights to the squats and lunges and have added lateral raises and bicep curls to my body weight circuits. I was only doing two sets/circuits to accommodate the additional weight and extra moves for my body to get used to. Saturday, however, I decided to go for a third circuit. I got through the ten squats with weights and my legs got jello-like so I had to stop, haha. Had to try and now I know, not ready to reintroduce the third circuit yet. I’m feeling it though, the hurt that is. It’s/I am a stronger version of when I first started this. I am definitely uncomfortable but it’s not as bad as back in February. I upped the ante on myself. Time to keep up!

I’ve managed to successfully stay away from my husbands delicious coke soda since my last post. So, six days now? Not bad. My mother-in-law came home yesterday with a full on tray of cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing from the bakery. Oh man. I didn’t give in but good Lord they smelled wonderful. Not worth the guilt. I’d just as much want a peanut butter & jelly sandwich – which I do indulge in, quite frequently. Double fiber bread and natural spreads. Booya. Sammy without the guilt.

I am curious and nervous to see tomorrow’s weight. I waited two weeks because I added weights to my circuits and the whole building muscle deal, you know. I should probably wait longer but I am impatient.

I feel stocky.


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