I’ve spent a great deal of time the last few days pulling myself out of slumps. Forcing myself to workout, which I have and hard, too. Forcing myself to eat, to get my water in, fighting candy cravings.

Finally, I really pulled myself out today. I stretched for a LONG time, I jumped on the bike at a high resistance level (for me anyway), I was sweating so hard I felt like my face was melting off. I suppose you could say, I literally worked it out.

Then I got a voicemail from the doctors office regarding my abdominal ultrasound I just had. While no gallstones or kidney stones have been detected, a small spot on my liver has. The message clearly indicates that it is probably not cancerous but we still need to see what’s up with it so that my Doctor was sending a request to see another doctor to get treatment, whatever it may be.

I listened to the voicemail, I told my husband. Then, I jumped in the shower. Are they just telling me that to make me feel better and not stress? Or would have they not said anything at all if they thought it was something worse? I don’t know. I’m trying to keep my cool about it. I know it could be a result of weight loss and body adjustments and years of previous bodily abuse via drinking (which I no longer do, really, not for about 5 years now) and poor food choices. I don’t know. I guess we will see, I just can’t stand the waiting. Things like this really make me long the most for my family and friends. I haven’t made any friends here because my town is filled with older folk. They’re nice and all, just not relatable.

Anyway, to try and keep myself out of the slump-hole, I thought I would post some stuff that I am proud of.

My Progress


New progress photo! Is it just me or can you totally see some muscle in my flex pic? Haha. I've come a long way!

My Mini Urban Garden


My first garden pull! I had planted a small bolting white onion and ended up with giant green onion things. My veggie garden... Tomatoes in the big guy, cucumber in the rectangle planter, sunflowers in the green, basil in front of that, chives and strawberries starting in the seedling pots

Healthy Tracking Habits


50 day streak on MFP as of today! Nuts!

These are all things to be proud of and sometimes I need to remind myself of all the good I am doing and happening and not fret over something that is an unknown, at this time.

I hope everyone is trying to find their silver lining daily. It’s there, sometimes you just have to look extra hard.


5 thoughts on “Progress

      • Lol yes I am the same way, or I guess I used to be. I was getting worked up over every little thing and started worrying my family, so over time I have definitely dialed back a lot. I try not to worry until I really need to. It’s a constant struggle but like you said, it becomes more controlled as you age.

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