Weigh-In Day

Just over five months into this self-overhaul. I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with a regimen for this long before. A bit sad, but true.

My efforts seem to paying off, though:

Starting Weight, Feb 2014: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 220.0lbs
Current Weight: 216.9lbs
Weekly Loss: 3.1lbs
Total Loss: 44.3lbs

I was pretty surprised, I gotta say. I only had a couple days last week carved out specifically for workouts. It’s still triple digit heat in severe drought conditions combined with energy flex alerts to use less and less of everything, means it is getting so much harder to find a cool time of the day to workout in peace, alone, within time constraints . One day last week I worked out so hard in such high heat I nearly passed and/or gave myself heat stroke. Dummy. I’ve been trying to get movement in by chasing my son around the house, small sprints, crawling around, etc. I work up a pretty good sweat and we have an awesome time. I am not sure how to track that kinda thing on My Fitness Pal though.

I got pretty off track there, I guess I meant to say that I am partly attributing the weight loss last week to sweating my lady-balls off. That’s okay, my body retained for weeks, I’ll take it!

This officially puts me out of the 220s and pretty close to 200 or lower, that’s exciting and scary. I would say the last time I was around this weight was my freshman year in high school? 15 years ago. Shit. I’m basing that on clothes size. Anyway. There’s that. For now, my small term goal is to get to 210.

I think I can, I think I can…..


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