So, I mean. Hey. Everyone on a get-healthy and get-fit journey can feel me on needing some new clothes, right?

My Mother-in-law recently went to a Cold Water Creek retail store that was going out of business and got a killer deal on a pair of pants and a crazy gold sweater thing for me. Unfortunately, she did not inquire as to my current size, so they’re a bit too big and can’t be returned because obviously, the store is closing.

I’ve inquired with my friends and family but these jeans and crazy, gold sweater don’t have a new home to go to, yet. That being said, I am turning to my blogging-gal-pals to see if anyone of you would like these before they get donated?


Cold Water Creek Size 20 Jeans, Natural Fit, Sits at waist, Shaped through hips and thighs, slim leg. Also featured the black stripe going down the side.


Crazy Gold Sweater thing. Cold Water Creek XL 16. I tried it on & felt it was big in the armpit area but, Gold just isn't my color.

I don’t know if the stripe is gonna be make or break for some people on the jeans. They felt good in the legs, which I was surprised at because they are slim leg. Very flattering, I just couldn’t keep them up at the waist and I avoid belts at all costs because I’m still working with a tender lower back. They’re surprisingly light, as in weight. Not so heavy!

They’re literally brand new, you guys. Still tags on them of the ridiculous prices they used to be. It will probably cost me more to send these via USPS to someone than the deal my MIL got on ’em, so yeah, nothing to feel shy about!

Additionally, would any of you be into an online clothing swap kinda thing? Create a group or add a page to my blog or something? I’ve been tossing the idea around for awhile, just not sure if it is worth starting or not. I realize not everyone will have something at all times, but I am sure it could save money along the way. We’ll see!

If anyone wants the jeans or sweater (they do not have to go to the same home), leave a comment and let me know! We can figure it out from there.

P.S. – I feel like I should re-mention that I have felines. I’ve done my best to keep this stuff out of the way, with minimal to no cat hair on them, but I know some people have really bad allergies!


2 thoughts on “Clothes

    • I thought about something like that, but, I’m pretty broke a lot of the time and I know anyone else, with kids or not, could be struggling too. So, I’m not trying to sell them really, you know?

      I feel disheveled when I don’t have clothes that fit and I can’t go out to buy any (although poshmark could be good for self purchases!), so.. I dunno. Trying to keep another gal from feeling that way, too. 🙂 haha.

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