I seem to get just as nervous every time I step on the scale as I did the first time I decided I was going to do this. Seriously, I spike my blood pressure and gotta calm my shit down before I do it. Holding in all that negative usually results in a negative result so I try really hard to get all of that out of my head beforehand. It’s a silly game that will someday end, I hope.

That being said, let’s get to the weigh-in:

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 216.9lbs
Today’s Weight: 214.9lbs
Weekly Loss: 2.0lbs
Total Loss: 46.3lbs

Now, onto measurements. I haven’t done any since July 15. I don’t have my starting numbers or last measurements numbers up, but I did write my current as of today, next to the name of the area. I wrote myself a little chart on a small pad of paper so, I’m just gonna post that. 🙂


Measurements next to area are current, chart is for inches lost since July 15 and total inches since Feb 17

I’m pleased with my weight loss, an even 2lbs feels pretty good. I also can’t believe I am so close to having shed 50lbs. Even moreso, ONEderland is in 15lbs.  What the? HEYOOOO. I actually don’t like the phrase “onederland” but I think the aesthetics of the word mess with my head.

I am also pretty happy with my measurements. I wasn’t upset about gaining in my arms because I’ve really been working them and my back. I also measures under my bust today as my sister pointed I should be doing. I felt like a dummy when she explained it. Haha. I am vanity-upset about my lack of overall progress on my thighs. My family has pretty meaty legs anyway, but come on! Ah, whatever. July was definitely more of a cardio and flexibility month. So, not a loss!

I feel pretty good. Soon I will be 6 months into this and I’ve hit very little real physical roadblocks; some muscle pulls here and there, a couple plateaus but nothing too major, yet. Most of my roadblocks are in my head, emotional and mental. It’s a process, gotta remind myself

Next goal is 210.

I feel fortunate to have been focused like I have and I hope to continue to keep it up. 🙂


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