The World

I’ve been in a straight-up shitty mood since I came across an article on CNN yesterday with the headline, “Christian Forced to Convert to Islam, Then Beheaded”, then of course followed by hearing about all those poor babies with similar fate. It physically makes me hurt. It makes me glad that I have the opportunity to be annoyed by my son when he’s having a cranky day.

Of course though, mainstream media has to get through all their celebrity news and gossip before they get to a 30 second clip about what’s really happening in the world. Disappointing.

It’s very, very scary to me to even feel somebodys anger, let alone full blown rage over anything – which, on the full spectrum, is usually repairable or within the moment. To know that there are people out there who feel justified in such behavior, to cause such humility before brutally beheading someone and turn right around and shoot a baby in the head is just beyond personal comprehension. I truly cannot imagine what these people are going through, how terrifying every second must feel. I only know how it makes me feel waaaaaay over here and it scares me.

It scares me because under the right (wrong, I guess) circumstances that could be any of us. Those could be our family killing or being killed. We’ve no choice to go about our daily lives, however, I hope we don’t all develop blinders to the realities out in the world. Most of our problems are minimal, temporarily frustrating or taking longer to solve or even get started on than we’d like.

You know what? That’s fine by me. It’s okay that my current annoyance is wanting that fucking cherry pie my mother-in-law brought home or my frustration at finding a feline friendly rental home up North. These things are temporary and annoying but they can be accomplished and don’t affect the rest of the world.

Please keep the less fortunate in your thoughts and be as kind to others as you can be – sometimes a simple gesture of kindness is all it can take to turn a life around. Let’s all contribute to GOODNESS in the world with our own actions and teach our future generations the same.

It could always, always be worse and well, it’s pretty bad right now.


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