Weigh-in Day

‘Sup Tuesday?

I know I didn’t do a weigh in post last week. I had been battling the sadsies and a lot of anxiety due to… Well, that doesn’t matter. I’m pulling myself together anyway, that’s what matters!

Last week I was up +0.7lbs putting me at 215.6lbs. I really beat myself up over it even though I knew I was retaining. I have to stop that, seriously. It’s such detrimental behavior. I had even thought of not posting here at all that I was up a tiny bit but I’m not here to lie to anyone, let alone myself and personal chronicles, about what it is really like to be on a massive weight/health journey. It literally has its ups and downs.

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 215.6lbs
Current Weight: 211.9lbs
Weekly Loss: 3.7lbs
Total Loss: 49.3lb

Seems like a big loss, but like I said, I knew I was retaining. Anyway, I beat myself up for nothing, again, last week. I track everything, I am exercising and I am working on me – that’s all I can do! Need to be nicer to myself from here on out.

So now, I am just under the threshold of the 50lbs down mark and 12lbs away from 199.9lbs. In six months! No gimmicks, just hard work. That’s roughly 8.2 pounds lost per month, which is healthy.

Gotta keep my mojo, I imagine it will be harder to lose as there is less to lose…. 🙂


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