That’s Braktastic!

“Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels!” Oh, Brak.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast, anyone? Eh?

It’s been an interesting week, to say the least. First and foremost, a health update! I had a breast ultrasound on 8/13 and got my results back this week: no abnormalities! Still waiting on an appointment or approval letter about the liver thing, though (spot was found during abdominal ultrasound while checking for gallstones, of which there were none). One less thing! I also decided to check my sugar before I ate one morning and I was at 104, excellent. Not that I was worried, I was just curious.

I didn’t get in nearly enough workouts this week but I didn’t eat like crap either, so I guess we will see how things pan out on Tuesday.  My lack of workouts as of late, however, did prompt me to announce to my Facebook friends and family what I’ve been up to and how much I’ve lost and all that. I think I did it as a way to continue to keep myself accountable since I’ve been feeling a bit lackluster. The response was a little overwhelming, positively so. I still don’t know how to react to compliments, though I tried my best to remain simple and humble and not dismiss my own progress. So, now everyone I care to know about it, does.

I found homes for clothing, finally. I sent a lot of my old clothes (in good condition, of course) home with my sister to be dropped off with my sister-in-law as she is dropping the pounds as well and my sizes were up her alley. I sent a package with three pair of brand new jeans that I couldn’t use to my cousin in Oregon, along with a nightgown I barely used in my third trimester of pregnancy. Also, a funky gold sweater found a home in a girl I know here locally, through the Circle K convenience store. She is sweater obsessed, I sent her a picture, she loved it, so I brought it by on her birthday of all days. She has since left Circle K and started at a salon since finishing beauty school. I’ve asked if she wouldn’t mind chopping my locks and she said could do it in-home. WHAT? Friggin’ sweet. My hair hasn’t been cut in…. Well, at the end of this month it will have been a full year. So, it’s pretty long (it isn’t grody, I don’t blow dry or put after shower products in my hair) and I think I want it cut to my shoulders, which feels really short to me. I’m excited though!

Those sunflowers I was growing bloomed, they’re so pretty. As I mentioned before, I grew them from seed for my neighbor after his wife passed away – her favorite flower. With one bud left to open, we brought them over yesterday to gift to the neighbor. I was so nervous, I hoped he would get it. Boy, did he get it. I guess we couldn’t have stopped in on a better day. He’d been having a rough time, the shock-fog was finally lifting and rearranging or stopping things he used to do (like calling his wife at breaks and lunch) are hard for him to get used to. He patted his chest and said, “this was her favorite flower.. I really needed this today. I just couldnt get into anything today but this.. this is good. Thank you so much.” I felt that wave and I was impressed with his ability to maintain in the moment. We left shortly after that, of course not without having said hello to his daughters, grandsons and their golden retriever (who reminded me of my own childhood retriever, Penny).

I also managed to send out school supplies to my niece and nephews this week. 🙂

I’m glad I didn’t chicken out this week. I did publish that post to my friends and family, I did reach out to people to inquire about awesome clothes and I’ve been able to help 3 gals and score a free at-home hair cut and I did bring that pot of flowers over and visit and talk instead of leaving them at the doorstep with a well-written card.

So, while I may have not been as active, I still feel like a lot was accomplished this week. A lot of fear facing and self-forced social situations that ended nicely. It’s as much in our heads as it is on our bodies!

Now, for fun, the aforementioned third trimester nightgown I was modeling for my cousin:


Don't mind the toys, I have an almost two year-old. Or my face. This picture was meant just for my cousin until I saw my own progress in it, LOL.

Also, if you aren’t using the Cartwheel app for Target, you are missing out on savings:

No, not endorsing..  just passing on savings tips!


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