Weigh-in Day

Hello, Tuesday. Let’s check in:

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 211.9lbs
Current Weight: 211.2lbs
Weekly Loss: 0.7lbs
Total Loss: 50.0lbs



An even fifty, at that! I feel pretty good, I am feeling motivated again, I feel stronger than ever. I just drank some energy tea to make sure I get my walk in tonight with my family!

It turns out, sharing my experience on Facebook recently, turned out to be a really good, good thing. A couple of friends have since reached out to me to both congratulate and ask for tips. One was on her way already, so we will be workout buddies from afar, and the other straight up called me inspiring! What the what?! Floored. Just floored. Now she’s pumped to get healthy and we’ve been talking realistic goals and workouts for now. I can’t even believe it. I am so glad I punched that fear in the face and shared my journey thus far with everyone if it has helped anyone in the slightest.

My cousin has also stated she would like to be my “recycler” as my new/old clothes don’t fit, I will ship them off to her! I’m glad it will work out like this. She more than helped me years back and this is literally the very least I can do for her. More when I can in the future!

Anyway, a major milestone hit. I did it! Lest I forget, there is much more work to still be done.

For now I leave you with new progress pictures!




I wish I had a better back picture and from when I started but I don't! Had to mess with the contrast since it was so blurry.


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