So, we went for that walk last night….

We got out for our walklast night. We were 3/4 of the way through and my son starts reaching from the stroller to my shorts pocket (which were several sizes too big and no extra cash to shop!).

Anyway, this happened



Of course, I didn’t even realize it until hours later when I reached feverishly into my pocket to silence an alarm. I quickly figured out what had happened. The tips of my fingers have paid the price!  So now, I have the original plastic sheet on it that came with the phone; what functions are where, etc. It’s quite… Busy. Scrolling is hard and lumpy and scary. Good thing I have insurance on it!

Oh, wait, I just don’t have an extra $99 lying around for the deductible to replace it right now. D’oh! Oh well. Sir Janky-Looking phone for awhile, I suppose.

It is the first time I’ve ever busted a screen or a phone and not have it be water damage… Which has only happened twice before in my 15 years of cell-phone ownership. 15 years? Shit. Pretty good track record though!.:D


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