Weigh in and check in

My phone is still cracked and taped to hell. I tested the laptop out, processor fan is nearly dead so, there’s that.

I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone on here but it looks like I will need to some serious backtracking once I get something I can see and read properly on. Until then, a few quick updates!

Weigh in:

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 211.2lbs
Current Weight: 210.8lbs
Weekly Loss: 0.4lbs
Total Loss: 50.4lbs

Not a huge loss but a loss and I will take it. 211 is gone. Also, I found out, I am only 5lbs heavier than one of my older brothers! Fair fight! Granted his is more muscle than fat but the bullied-by-her-brother teen in me is screaming “FUCK YES!”

My Fitness Pal has readjusted my daily calorie goal from 2000 to 1910. When I started using MFP in June I was at a daily goal of 2100.

Add me, I need more friends/motivation, please! pbandjax@Gmail.com (yeah, I created an email for blog and fitness-related shenanigans)

Measurements next week.


I didn’t do super well on food tracking and water intake. It was hit or miss all week and although my food choices weren’t awful I know I do better when I track.  I do know I stayed under calories because I know the way I eat. I rarely get over 1500 these days. I don’t feel starving ever, though.

I ate some cookies for the first time since February. They were good, but not the way I wanted them to taste. I take that back, they were awesome out of the oven otherwise, meh.

Gettin’ Physically Fit

Not a bad or great week. Got in three or four family walks, a bike ride, several stretching sessions and a circuit training workout. I would like to up the ante on my workouts, hence wanting more MFP buddies. I only have one semi-active person out of six on there.

During my circuit training I was able to do five, count ’em! One, two, three, four, FIVE regular push-ups (and then five knee supported) per circuit on Friday. WHAT? YAY! Ten real pushups and I actually did them, not without jello-arms for several hours after but I did it! Major personal NSV.

‘Tis all for now, hope to see you on MFP!


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