This Happened!

Today I sent a text to a friend from another state to check-in on her week. This is, if you remember, one of the friends who reached out to me a couple of weeks ago.

We chatted, she told me she got a personal tracker, things she was able to successfully give up over the week, things to work on. I talked about water consumption, my weaknesses, how hard it was at first, about measurements vs the scale and told her I was always here if she ever came to a point where she felt discouraged. It was a good exchange, it made me miss her so much.

Then, she turns around and tells me, that she hopes it’s okay but she sent my progress photos to her mother. Apparently, I’ve become her mother’s inspiration and when she’s feeling yucky she takes a look at my photos for inspiration. Oh my goodness. I about cried. What a wonderful impact to have not only on a good friend, but to extend that beyond and into her family (where they can support each other, too! Bonus) is just… wow. It feels good.

I wasn’t expecting that now or ever, really. Some days I still fight so much with myself to move more, snap out of it or to give myself credit. So this.. this kind of makes all that personal turmoil worth it. I did do it, I am doing it, I am positively impacting my personal community – which, by default, pays itself forward – and I am doing great with my overall progress physically and otherwise.

I guess this is exactly what I want or wanted. Not directly, I just mean… I want all of my friends and family to be happier versions of themselves, though not everyone has the same demons. I want to enjoy their company, maybe even your company, for years to come. We all have it in us to make positive and healthier changes for ourselves. It starts with us.

My journey thus far have not been easy and I know struggles lie ahead but I feel a little more ready to face them after today.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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