Hello again, Tuesday.

Let’s get right to everything:

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 210.8lbs
Current Weight: 207.5lbs
Weekly Loss: 3.3lbs
Total Loss: 53.7lbs

I did my measurements today since the last time I did them was August 5th. I’m glad I decided to go monthly:

Lost 2.5″ on my chest and another 2.5″ under my bust. 1.5″ off my waist, 0.75″ off my hips, a combined total of 1.5″ off my thighs and 0.25″ off my calves. No changes in my neck or arms!

Total inches trimmed since 8/5: 9
Total inches trimmed since Feb: 46

I’ve also done the math and I’ve lost just over 20% of my original body weight when I started! I went ahead and gave myself a “DAAAAANG GUUURL!”


Here are some chart type of things to show you all my progress so far!


3 month weight progress chart from MyFitnessPal. Looks like this was my "big drop" before I come up on a bunch of small ones again, eh? Ha. We will see.


February measurements versus today, individual and total inches trimmed.

In addition, I decided I want to try The 2 Week Plank Challenge, so I started today. It involves five different types of plank (straight-arm, elbow, side(s) with leg lift and a reverse plank – Day 1 starts at 10 seconds/plank – you know how it goes. Rest every 3 days, repeat with longer reps. I thought it would be easier than it was. I breezed through the straight arm and elbow. The side plank with the arm and leg lifted made me feel…… weak. Ha, something to work on, I suppose. I enjoyed the reverse plank more than I thought I would. Its challenging but I really like the areas it works. I imagine I may not be able to complete this in two weeks but I am giving it a whirl.

Probably not the best time to start as I am having a broken tooth extracted on Thursday….oops? Thursday is supposed to be a rest day anyway! I will be glad to have this tooth out of my face. It broke two years ago when I was about 6 months pregnant and the insurance I have is finally letting me get it out so I’m gonna do it. I also need my wisdom teeth out because those are super bony impacted. I have a picture of the xray that I think is cool but they’re my teeth so. Probably shouldn’t post it? My earrings are my favorite part of the xray. 🙂

Phone is still busted. Here’s what the “front” camera view looks like.



Now, I bid you adieu.


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