Dental Surprises

Well I went to the mother-login’ dentist/oral surgeon on Thursday for an extraction of a very sad molar of mine.

Imagine my surprise when they told me, since it was approved, that they were just gonna go ahead and remove all my wisdom teeth, too. UHHHHHHHHHHHH. What? Why wasn’t I made aware of this ahead of time? Five teeth versus one is a big deal, in my book. I had to scramble around to call my husband and tell him what was going on.

My appointment was at 3:30pm but they didn’t even numb me until about 5:00 or start on my teeth until a quarter to 6pm. The oral surgeon told me to hold off on my left side, as the top not-so-wise tooth there is too close to my sinus cavity still. So, I had three teeth extracted instead of five, but I still only went knowing about one.

My insurance only covered intravenous nitrous, so I was awake for the entire thing. I caught glimpses of dude breaking my bottom-right impacted wisdom tooth and pulling it out. Pretty gross, also kinda cool but fuck. If I had the extra money to pay to go under I would have.  My already-broken molar was the most painful. Apparently it was way infected up there (even though I went last week and he told me it was not, liar). I imagine had they given me antibiotics last week for the infection this may not hurt as bad as it does now.

Alas, it really hurts. I cried like a big baby all night last night. Some weepy shock, I suppose. It was pretty terrible. Today my face is much larger. It looks like I’ve gained all my 50+ pounds back in the one side of my face. Okay, a little extreme but still. Not cute. Totally hurts. Wah wah.

I went and picked up some Ensure for myself today as a result of my liquid diet restrictions for a few days. I got the strawberry kind. It doesn’t taste very good. Kinda like chalk mixed with strawberry milk even though it’s lactose-intolerant friendly.  So, I definitely won’t be getting my calories in or probably even enough water for a couple days. Sigh.

I guess at least I didn’t have time to build up anxiety about starting the process of removing my wisdom teeth. Or maybe this will catapult me into the 100s and out of the 200s? Not a super healthy way, granted, but it would have had to be done at some point regardless. At least I am trying to get my nutrition in with the Ensure!

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will look less like a boxer and more like a girl.


5 thoughts on “Dental Surprises

  1. L. says:

    Wow, I may have to go through this in the next few months…unfortunately, this has not allayed my concerns! But great that you’re already on the other side of it.

    • You can pay extra to go under if your insurance doesn’t cover it, it’s around $165, I just never have “extra” money. If you can go under, do it!

      The codeine made me sick all night so I’m not taking it anymore, just Motrin and antibiotics. I still feel thrown about not knowing ahead of time. It’s still making me mad even though its done with now. Haha…

    • Oh god, that’s awful! I am so sorry! Have they said if that will fade with time at all?

      And, uh, can you eat real food again yet? I’m sick of soft stuff but I can’t open my mouth enough to chew the stuff I want, ha!

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