Tuesday: Weigh-In Day & my face

I really wanted this post to happen much earlier in the day, but that’s alright. I feel like there’s a lot to get to but that might just be in my head.

So, let’s start with weigh-in stats!

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 207.5lbs
Current Weight: 202.6lbs
Weekly Loss: 4.9lbs
Total Loss: 58.6lbs

No measurements until October! I’ve gone monthly!

I knew I’d probably lose at least two pounds due to the oral surgery but I was not expecting a loss of nearly 5lbs! I am so close to the 100s. The last time this frame was there was roughly half my life ago!

It’s been hard to eat or get enough calories. I’ve been trying my best, but it’s mostly been yogurt, soup, string cheese (to exercise my jaw and also because its delicious), a potato mashed with skin on with ketchup or sour cream. That kinda thing. I figure potato carbs are okay since I’m not getting what I usually do down the hatch. Also sticking with at least one or two Ensure a day to make sure I am getting my nutrients.

I’m not sure how long this hurting-to-chew thing is going to last but I’m not digging it overall. Sometimes I panic and I’m pretty sure my jaw is going to lock and never open again but… that’s silly. I mostly just want to eat everything now that I can’t and my appetite is back. I did get myself some chocolate raspberry Greek yogurt tonight. I hope that fills my chocolate craving. It’s strong, my friends. The red devil is upon us. Well, me.

I am healing well, I think.

It’s been hot, hot, hot. Can’t take the boy anywhere because it’s too hot plus, not supposed to expose myself to the sun for prolonged periods of time while antibiotics; luckily tomorrow is my last day of those!  We are all getting cabin fever though and the house hasn’t been under 80℉ for weeks, even at night.

I decided to continue my Plank Challenge today since I spent most of yesterday in a cleaning frenzy (am I the only one who feels the need to detox the whole house after a couple days down and out???). I figured if I had the strength and energy to clean all day then surely I could continue my challenge. I’m on Day 5 @ 25secs/plank style. Side planks with arm and leg lift are still killing me but I am getting more sturdy! I will continue with this and walking for awhile since any type of bouncing around still hurts my face.

My best friend sent me a goody bag. An old phone of hers to switch to for now (need to get the right size SIM. So still on my wonky phone for now) along with some homemade bracelet things. They never would have fit my wrist let alone my ankle six months ago. I love them, I love her. She knows it’s the little stuff; the more homemade the better!

Here’s some pictures just because.


One of two aforementioned homemade bracelets from the best. The other is on my ankle. 🙂


THIS IS REAL LIFE. Healing progression photos. I wanted to remember when it started feeling better as reference for when I have to get the other side done. See though? Saturday looked like I gained fiddy in my face. Also, because of shitty lighting and a broken phone I didn't even notice the gigantor bruise on my face until today.

Anyway, maybe tomorrow I will have something more of substance. How well are you tryin’ to get to know me? I mean….

I’d like to leave you with a link to this video. It is beautiful for the eyes, ears and soul. L., I think this may be right up your alley. I hope you love it as much I do. I don’t push music off unless I mean it. 🙂

Master of Tides – Lindsey Stirling: http://youtu.be/RrutzRWXkKs


4 thoughts on “Tuesday: Weigh-In Day & my face

  1. congratulations on being so close to the 100s! i am sorry that it took a tooth extraction to get there, but i’m excited for you, nonetheless!

    the red devil is upon us indeed. did the chocolate greek yogurt work for you? i’m craving something sweet today, and fruit isn’t cutting it… if the yogurt worked, i’ll follow your lead!

    speaking of following your lead, i should probably go see a dentist, too. it’s been much too long since i’ve seen one, and i haven’t had my wisdom teeth out either.

    i wish i could say thanks for reminding me about that, but i’m really not all that thankful so… 😉

    i hope you’re back to your old self dental/mouth/eating-wise soon!


    • Thank you!

      The Greek yogurt was crazy delicious. Dannon Light&Fit Raspberry Chocolate! They had a couple other flavors but they didn’t sound as good. Definitely going to be a regular in my refridgerator from now on.

      I was completely unprepared for any wisdom tooth extractions and I just went with the flow. Oops. Haha. I will be so much more in-the-know for the other side! Ensure Strawberry is gross, Vanilla good.


  2. L. says:

    Just wanted to send a little message of support – you are inspiring me! And I hope you’re feeling better mouthwise now that it’s Saturday.

    • You have no idea how much I needed to see this tonight! Actually, it’s entirely possible you knew. 😉

      I definitely look like a girl instead of a boxer! There is a barely noticeable lump on my jaw and it’s still stiff sometimes. Otherwise, stitches fell out, the area is tender to cool/cold but healing well. I was eating much more regular food by Wednesday, less than a week out. Two other positive bonuses (I apologize for previously not helping with potential fears of having to get this done yourself), my teeth are straightening out again and my gums are much more pink and obviously healthier now. 🙂

      Thanks again, my dear! I always enjoy your posts – it’s like catching up with an old friend every evening. Glad I can help in any way, big or small!

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