Wah, Wah: Weigh in

Well, my weight didn’t change this week. Sitting at 202.6-8ish.

Then my son stressed me out on weigh #3 (I don’t know why I do it 3 times. Feel like if it says the same at all three then it must be true, ha!), and my weight shot from 202ish to 206. I know that sounds weird, but if I can’t get to my weigh in super calm and collected it totally shows on the scale. So, it wasn’t consistent after that. It kept jumping around and my son kept screaming so I’m taking the first 2 weigh ins as correct.

Not going to lie, I feel sad and slightly discouraged. I know I shouldn’t. I know my body recently went through trauma and is probably trying to hold onto what it’s got as a result. I knew my big loss last week could lead to a plateau of sorts this week. I know I didn’t drink enough water (truthfully it hurts to drink much still if it’s not tepid. Sensitive healing gums). I also know I had a donut and some brownies last week and even though I was under calorie goal those days, I am sitting here silently scolding myself for not being better or stronger.

After I could start eating after my oral surgery I went through some crazy craving stages. I wanted everything to eat in the house. I remained under goal every day but that feeling was intense, like I had to start this all over again. I was over the brownies the day after I ate them. Good. But I was still crazy HUNGRY. It is silly to feel bad when I know my body is trying to recoup and heal and get rid of infection but here I am, not being nice to me.

My cravings have died down and I’ve resumed my [now] regular eating habits. I am still continuing with my plank challenge and I’m still technically ahead of my goal schedule of under 200 by October 25, which is our anniversary. So, why be so mean, B? Geez.


So, I waited all day to see if I really wanted to post the above. It’s real life though, this is hard. It will not always be easy, sometimes we get “stuck”. I’ve rationalized with myself over the course of the day and was able to spot my weak and strong points. I’m also trying to give myself more credit since I am not even two weeks out from having oral surgery.

That being said, I was able to dust myself off. I stretched for a long time and completed my plank challenge for the day. I didn’t go balls-out on food, in fact, I was slightly under the minimum of 1200 – I tend to forget to eat if I am upset so, eek. Trying! I also made sure I got in my water even though it hurts my phantom broken tooth.

Some positive things:

My Uncle is now home recouping from his surgery to remove colon cancer. I am relieved and he seems to be in good spirits!

My son, albeit definitely on the heels of terrible twos, is willingly giving me hugs these days without me showing or prompting him. The fact that I am the only one he gives them to is a personal bonus. Taking it in while I can! Also, his curly hair. He’s a fun guy.

My felines are shedding some lbs and their coats are getting much healthier. Thanks, Science Diet! No really though, it’s expensive but I am pretty sure it’s gonna save my very own Garfields life (not his name, just who he resembled, attitude and all).

Hubs seems down to get with the entire program with me instead of just diet alone. I am hoping this means more family walks and setting time up for each other to work out solo or together. 🙂

TRYING to pull some silver linings out of today. Ha. Good night!


One thought on “Wah, Wah: Weigh in

  1. Remoteingenuity says:

    I believe in you! I’m glad you’re recovering well and a plateau after a trauma is completely normal so please try not to be so down on yourself! You’re doing swimmingly and it’s showed over time.

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