Weigh-in Tuesday (Wednesday?)

Sorry for the super-late-in-the-day weigh in slash everything post. It’s probably going to be lengthy and include lots of pictures because I am a long-winded individual…. It is what it is.

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 202.8lbs
Current Weight: 200.4lbs
Weekly Loss: 2.4lbs
Total Loss: 60.8lbs

September Total: 10.6lbs gone!

I was very pleased with my weigh-in this morning, especially after last week’s wonky weigh-in. (Which ultimately I took as a +0.2lb gain from the week before). September gave me over 10lbs gone; not bad considering I had three teeth extracted half way through the month. I have a couple weeks left to hit my personal/milestone goal of departing the 200s and saying hello to the 100s. So far, I am on track. Sweet.


Well, it was Tuesday when I started this, ha. Hello wee hours of Wednesday!

Anyway, fitness stuff. I completed my Two Week Plank Challenge, except it took me 20 days instead of 14. That’s okay, had some teeth pulled in that time and gave myself extra rest days as my body saw fit. I finished it though. A total of five minutes of plank in one session. My shoulders and back have been thoroughly worked. Other areas, too, just noticeably in these particular areas. So glad it’s over and so proud I was able to convince myself I could do it and then follow-through!

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately that I am running but it’s not so difficult and I’m either enjoying myself or challenging myself in the dream. Not super sure what that means (lots of other weird, funky dreams involving running but much different). So, I got a new pair of shoes (above). I didn’t set out to get them, though. Maybe that was the point. I was at Target and on a whim decided to look through the shoes. These Sport by Sketchers were in the clearance section, at half off, in my size in pretty colors and they were the only pair there. I mean, so, I had to. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I also found Skull Candy headphones for half off (in green). I was skeptical of them but as the packaging says, “unruly bass”, indeed. Not bad for simple headphones normally only $10. Just saying.

Food, eh? Nothing exciting. My food budget is nil for another week or so. I hate the end of the food budget, gets harder to make smarter choices as they dwindle! 

I did try a Spaghetti Squash Lasangna in the middle of the week last week. It came out pretty delicious, I must say. I am not typically a squash person (since I am a huge texture based eater) and I’d never had spaghetti squash before. I had to beat thru a couple of mental barriers but there was absolutely nothing wrong with the taste. I even made the simple Marinara sauce the gal provided on her blog – it’s tastey and easy and I wanted to stay within the nutrition information listed.


Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

I shared, on Facebook, a photo of myself today and announced that I was 60lbs down, 105lbs combined the hubs. Here:


Hey, muscles!

I got a lot of positive feedback and encouragement, which was really, really great. When I initially shared with friends and family what I was doing, I got a lot of “pics or it didn’t happen” type of attitude, which I thought was kind of crappy. It was not like that this time.

It got me thinking though, about total body weight lost. If you consider at one point I used to weigh 298lbs (my known highest), then I’ve lost 98lbs – 33% of my body weight at its highest. HOLY SHIT.

STILL, my numbers for when this journey started in February at 261.2lbs are impressive as well. 60.8lbs – 23% of my body weight gone since February. I repeat: HOLY SHIT.

So, thinking about it that way, I figured instead of waiting until I was under 200lbs to do new progress photos, I should bid my 200s a proper adieu.

My last progress pics in the 200s:




Ahh, you know, I really need to see these reminders once in awhile. I’m glad I ended up doing progress photos.

Measurements next week.. we shall see what that plank challenge did as far as trimming me down.

Lots of life stuff, too sleepy. Next time. 🙂


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