Late: ONEderland Weigh-In!


So, I’ve obviously gone ahead and give away that I am out of the 200s! First time in roughly 15-16 years!  Even took a picture (above) to capture the realness. Ha.

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 200.4lbs
Current Weight: 198.6lbs
Weekly Loss: 1.8lbs
Total Loss: 62.6lbs

So dang everyone, first major milestone goal accomplished! It took me literally all day yesterday to come terms with the reality of all my hard work since February. WE ARE ALL SO CAPABLE. It is not easy, it takes brain power, will power, emotional power and meltdowns. It takes WORK.

I took my monthly measurements yesterday as well, which I was really anticipating since I completed that Plank Challenge in September, which made me sore for the entire month.

Current measurements:
Neck – 13″ ( – 0.25″)
Upper Arms – 14″ ea ( – 1.75″ between both)
Chest – 42.5″ ( – 0.5″)
Under Bust (added in Aug) – 36″ ( – 0.5″)
Waist (narrowest) – 34″ ( – 2″)
Hips (widest) – 44.5″ ( -2″)
Thighs – LT 27.5″,  RT 28.5″ ( – 1.75″ between both)
Calves – 17.875″ ea ( – 0.25″ between both)

So, that’s a total of 10.5″ down in a month! I thank thee, plank challenge.


Total Inches Trimmed! 55" since February, and that's just what I DID measure!

I was going to take progress pictures but I doubt they would differ from last week by very much. Probably again once I am at 70lbs down or feeling particularly good one day, haha.

I had intended to post yesterday after i weighed in and measured. Then I wanted to make sure I got a workout in before I did, as not to celebrate too much and jinx my progress. Jinx. Oops, poke! You owe me a coke!

I mean….

I worked out too hard though, or maybe just hard enough. I got back to my Body Weight Circuits and I am totally feeling the effects of not having done squats and lunges in like a month. Feeeeeel the burn. Ha.

I expect the end of this month to be challenging. We go out of town for about five days for the first time since this whole thing started. Attending a wedding, celebrating our own anniversary, out looking at homes, etc. I’m trying to get in the right mindset now but it just makes me sleepy thinking about it.

Lots of other things going on to save for another post as they are all very unrelated to weight loss. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Late: ONEderland Weigh-In!

  1. Thanks so much, ladies! It has not been an easy journey. I probably don’t talk about my down times enough, but they happen.

    In fact, last week I ended up crying through some of my workouts. Unsure why at first but it became about processing and letting it out. I kinda like when that happens even though it makes me feel drained afterwards; it ends up giving me a boost forward. One less thing. 🙂

  2. WOW – congratulations on leaving the 200s for the first time in so long – that is an amazing accomplishment, and very inspiring!!!!! I can tell that you must be extremely dedicated.

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