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I really, really want to go get my headphones so I can listen and write. Can’t guarantee that will happen without waking my husband or son though.

I miss music. I think that’s my most missed weird thing from my “single life”. Especially since having a kid. I miss driving on my hometown back roads routes with it louder than necessary but no people in sight, I miss discovering music and sharing with select individuals. I was always pretty good at nailing which person would dig which tunes. Pretty much the only time I get to listen to what I want is when I workout these days. Or nightly exceptions like tonight where I should be more tired but am not & end up falling asleep with ear buds in. This is why/how I go through so many, ha!


Fall back, eh? My son does not know fall back, lemme tell you. Kid was up before 7. 8?

Is it weird that I also adjust the time I take my birth control pill to “fall back” or “spring forward”? I mean, I figure my body does not care about any time changes and since the pill is so time-based I may as well adhere, no? I dunno. It seems like the right thing to do. Truthfully, I’d never thought about it before last year after I got back on the pill and we had to Spring Foward. However, since having gotten pregnant not being super careful while on the pill, I am probably being hyper sensitive about it now. I share too much, probably.

Speaking of, I trimmed my son’s bangs earlier this week. It didn’t turn out terrible, either. Now his hair is out of his eyes and I kept his curls without giving him a full-on mullet. Bonus? So far not as much food in his hair since he’s not brushing it out of his face anymore! Weee.

However, I decided yesterday if I could trim my kids hair, of course I could trim my own, right? Uh. Tried this last year – big problem. Except that was mostly the husbands doing…. My hair was a bit butchered last year in August and had not been cut since I had it fixed.. so it was time. But with the car and all that, haircut went pretty low on the budget list. So, I gave myself a budget-appropriate trim.  Truthfully, its slightly off but it isn’t awful and hardly noticeable. I was much more diligent this time around.. probably chopped a good four inches or more off. It was just too difficult to work with anymore. Overall, a win for hair experiments this week.

Hi, I’m B. Read some weird stuff about me.


Diagnosis on the Jeep is looking grim. We had a warranty on the motor for 30k miles and we need to double check to see if we’ve exceeded that or not. Hubs thinks we have, but after I pointed out the lack of driving we’ve done since our son was born, there’s a small sliver of hope that maybe we can get that covered. We will see. Some piece under the motor broke which caused the motor to fail – so that wouldn’t be covered. I would be glad to have it fixed since there is a lot of sentimental attachment to the car. Had the motor not died three years ago this past October, he would never have called me to pick him up from the airport on a last minute flight that night!  Who knew, huh? We both certainly weren’t looking for it. Ahhh, Jeep. Thank ye.

Sad, broken car. Which reminds me…. I walked over 4 miles today. I wish I had the exact # but once I had to retrace my steps because I hadn’t noticed my boy threw a pair of nice sunglasses somewhere on our way home and I had turned off the MapMyWalk app already. 585cal burned (over 600 for real, I’m sure). Yesterday was close to 2 miles. So, nearly 6 miles in two days. I know how I’m getting my cardio……

Got to remember not to slack off on strength just because we need to walk everywhere right now. I really, really need to start my body weight circuits back at 2-3x a week.

Speaking of…. Just curious, do any of you take your BMR into consideration when calculating total calories burned and consumed for the day? Do you add those with any exercise calories burned? Really just a general question. MyFitnessPal does not care, obviously, just wondering how other people are working on stuff!

This has gone on much too long already. See you Tuesday for weigh-in!



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