Damn you, candy.

Okay, because if I tell someone individually they will tell me it’s okay and it isn’t:

I got down, like so down, on candy yesterday. I know it’s because I was exhausted. It started with Starburst candy corn the day before. Yesterday I ate easily half the bag throughout the afternoon. I had had enough of myself so I just threw the rest in the trash sans packaging.

So, I decided consequences had to happen. I had decided to stretch and do my body weight circuit anyway, so I added a 10min bike ride on resistance level 7. Cool. Feeling better about having fallen mouth first into that Starburst bag.

Did pretty good, I cleaned hardcore yesterday too so I technically had the calories (the sugar though….eek). Then my husband, after dinner, asks me where I hid the Halloween candy from everybody (put in loud and inconvenient places) the other day, stating my MIL wanted some. She’s nearly 84, so I oblige. Hubs brings the candy out to the living room and dang man, thats all it took. I had a fun size box of junior mints, two fun size packages of plain m&ms and one tiny fun size twix. It could have been worse but I also could have been so much better.

I love candy man. An affliction, I fell victim. Curse you Halloween! Just kidding, I was all set with no candy in the house on Halloween until MIL walked in with a bag that night just in case we had any kids come by (didn’t, it poured). I am good as long as I have control over what’s brought in or bought. I’m usually even pretty good when the MIL brings home pastries and baked goods; in fact I think since Feb I’ve given in once or twice to half an Apple strudel. But, dude, candy. What the hell happened?

So, I immediately volunteered myself to do all the walking errands today to make sure I would for sure work out somehow today. I walked about 3 miles total. 2 of them errands, 1 with the boy in the stroller. So, I held my end of the bargain and I feel good about that part pf things.

Today though, wtf. I have had a string cheese, 3/4 of an orange, half a banana and about a cup and a half (roughly, includes meat sauce) of left over wheat spaghetti from last night. I have had so much to do all day and I just could not find time to eat.

Wait…. I’m writing this instead of eating…..

That’s okay. I felt like my weird opposite food days needed to be written out – that’s real life, folks. I feel bad about them both. Yesterday I bombarded my body with sugar and today I can’t seem to fill it with enough nutrients.

I think I feel better. We will see how tonight goes with the candy situation. It’s been within reach all day and I haven’t budged. I keep wanting to chuck it but I also want to send it through a program for soldiers as a care package. I just need a box and time and money to ship it. Ha. If there’s any left…. If not then I am still going to put together a care package because…. Why not, right?

Off for a pork chop, four bean salad and a simple green salad. Weeeee.


2 thoughts on “Damn you, candy.

  1. AHH I have the same problem ! Halloween candy really is the worst. I can’t have that around. I could never be a receptionist!!! Glad you shared this, good to accept what happened and move on ๐Ÿ™‚

    • If I am being 100% honest, we finished the candy last night. In our bellies………….


      Good thing I’ve been walking everywhere and started my body weight circuits again! I’ve been logging all the bad, the good and the ugly on MFP. Have somehow remained under kcal goal everyday though ๐Ÿ˜›


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