Collecting Myself

Well, it’s almost 1am and I can’t sleep. I suspect it’s due to the energy tea I had at 5pm in a desperate attempt at dulling a ferocious headache. It worked, I just have to get up around 6am. My human alarm clock.

Lots of headaches over the last week. Really wicked headaches. Probably PMS, the obvious following and I’m pretty sure I need glasses. I find myself squinting an awful lot and lights really bother me. I’ve had these anti-glare lens glasses for a number of years and they still help with glare and lights but… I dunno. I’ve never had an eye exam before. It took me until 3 or 4 years ago to finally be able to put eye drops in my eyeballs to relieve the itchy/burny brought on by allergies. In my defense, I did get out the insurance paperwork and I can get an exam and glasses covered… Just all the numbers I get aren’t correct for self referral. Cool.

I’ve been trying to turn it around since Tuesday was a trainwreck all day for me. Wednesday was filled with laundry and cleaning of all kinds. Like washing the stuffed animals and air drying them, throwing all my sons toys into the tub with a vinegar/alcohol/h2o combo to clean them all at once, spot cleaning anything with straps with Shout and a tooth brush. That kinda thing. Typical house chores too, just an overall deep cleaning on the place.

I am trying Amazon Prime free trial right now. Free 2 day shipping for 30 days during the holidays and while we are out of a car? Sure! So Wednesday I had received my first order which was just color ink for my printer. Way cheaper on Amazon. It wouldn’t print without both cartridges even when set to b/w, so annoying. So I set my printer up and did all the cleaning settings on that bad boy for a long while since it hadn’t printed anything in maybe four years? Spoiler alert, it’s legit.

So, since my printer was running I decided on Thursday I should clean up the laptop and start backing it up in the event it finally decides to die for good. I went through and transferred everything off of my phone and organized all my photo files and folders along with videos, got rid of unnecessary or unused programs. I have over 20GB just in video of my son, which is kind of obscene, but that’s alright. So, definitely need some kind of storage because I filled my HDD to the brim today and my 2 & 8GB flash drives just aren’t going to cut it. Luckily, I signed up for Amazon Prime and they’re doing before black Friday deals. After much research, I did decide to go flash drive versus a fancy external hdd. Cost, room, laptop all to consider. I found a 64GB for $21. Not too shabby. Now that everything is organized I can’t wait to transfer and know that it’s safe and off of my to-do list. It’s been nagging at the back of my mind for months to do this. One less thing.

I did also use the opportunity to redeem some Pampers Rewards points. For those of you without kiddos, basically it’s entering a code and you get neat things for “free” (so many points to redeem stuff thats worth it. Lots of shutterfly packages though!). Anyway, I redeemed a 13″ Plush Elmo and a Sesame Street “P is for Potty” book for my son. The hope is they get here in time for Christmas! I also got started on projects on Shutterfly I have to finish and order (mostly redemptions from pampers). Calendar, putting the Christmas card together, figuring out what prints I’m ordering for which set of family members (it’s always more than I anticipate). A different kind of productive day.

I suppose it could be viewed as taking control where I can since my bad day on Tuesday. So be it. It calms me.

I’ve also been volunteering myself to walk to the store almost everyday. Its basically a guaranteed 2 mile walk roundtrip, so why not?

Tomorrow, today? Cards. I have three cards to make. Gambit, Mickey and some Monster friends. And I need to finish them all in like 4-7 days. Should be….fun. I always end up having fun when I draw. The last one I did in October was for my brother and it was Terra from FF6 in human and Esper form. I also did a small Shadow and Interceptor, who looked like I plucked them right out of the game. Turned out so good. I used to draw rpg game characters with my brother when we were kids. Throwback gift. /nerdrant

Somehow I think it all had to happen the way it did. The trip North, the car breaking down, walking everywhere, the meltdown and the build-up. I feel like, yeah, things are kind of tough, but so am I. It could be worse and is, for so many.

One foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Bring it on, life.


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