Progress Pictures

As previously promised to myself and to everyone else, I took progress pictures Wednesday. I even compiled my side-by-sides Wednesday but couldn’t find the time or energy to post them.

I try to take them at approximately every 10lbs down. Here are my 70+lbs gone progress photos!





Fuzzy "before" and current for this. Sorry! Phones cracked this time around. 🙂


Muscles, Size 16 top in the middle there, proof of collarbones.

Can’t find or create good lighting in this place to save my life. I’m actually wearing blue in my current pics even though my attire looks black.

Also, I made play dough for my son’s upcoming second birthday:


Now if I can stop myself from playing with it before his birthday on Tuesday....

And this fancy, hand knitted Monster friend? A gift for my boy that I commissioned from a friend!


Wish you could see the spikes on his back!

Alright. Other than all that I think I fixed my laptop enough to breathe a few months life into it before the processor overheats and dies. Everything is backed up and running as best it can now!

Time to go draw some birthday cards!


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