Thanksgiving Eve

Does anyone else associate any holiday with a massive deep house cleaning?

This morning I got straight to the kitchen. I’ve already cleaned the cabinets and drawers, done the dishes, cleaned the refrigerator, oven, stove, backsplash in all of those places on the walls. It’s been kind of a grody morning, really.

Later will be laundry and potato prep Turkey prep and… in between keeping my son entertained, fed, dry and alive, of course.

Sleep in general still eludes me. When I do sleep, I sleep hard, I’m just having a hard time finding my power button, I guess. My legs get restless, my mind gets restless, I get itchy or the boy rustles and my Mom Radar goes on, always, right as I had been slipping into the arms of the Sandman. Rinse and repeat. It could be worse, I would just like to feel alert because I got enough rest not because energy tea came to the rescue. I bet it would feel good. Small problems on the grand, world scale.

I think one of my felines is… not well. He’s my favorite, even though I shouldn’t have one out of the three. He’s a tuxedo, used to sit on my shoulder as a kitten while I did whatever around the house. He likes to lay under blankets and have his own pillow. He’s barely got a voice but he’s a cats-cat, otherwise. When we first got him, he had not eaten in three days and hadn’t pooped in a week and was on the mend within 24hrs with me. He’s 9.5years old now and has been around for all of the really awful and really wonderful things the past decade has had to offer. He’s getting so skinny, not for lack of trying to fatten him up while his brothers are at a total plateau even on Science Diet. One of them looks like Garfield Godfather Kitty. A little ridiculous, albeit cute.

Anyway, my tuxedo cat wouldn’t even really eat a can of tuna this morning. I’ve checked his gums and nose and have felt for anything abnormal on his body. He seems otherwise playful, just… Getting skeletal. Maybe this is what a normal sized adult cat looks and feels like? All three were so chubby for so long and this one seemed to drop weight and then go too far. Maybe his a-hole brothers aren’t letting him eat or maybe my two year-old is stressing him out, though he seems to do the best with him out of all three cats.

Enough about my feline(s).

I sent out a total of three boxes of clothes between my cousin and a friend this week. My small clothing swap! Now if I could find someone further ahead in the game than I… Ha! We also donated four boxes worth of other clothes, kitchen appliances and random stuff to the VAA (Vietnam Vets) yesterday. My husband introduced me to the idea of doing good for others on your birthday to show your thankfulness for a year of still living. I have run with it ever since – hence donating on my son’s birthday.

I’m procrastinating again. I’ve got shit to do.


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