Weigh-in, last of 2014!

Truly, I wish I could give myself good news on this one but nay. Haha. My wedding ring didn’t fall off this morning so I knew what was next….

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 183.2lbs
Current Weight: 188.9lbs
Weekly +/-:  +5.7lbs
Total Shed: 72.3lbs

I was kind of expecting this, since I spent a good four or five days not eating or drinking at all (busy + stress) and then once Christmas madness had passed, my appetite came out of NOWHERE and I still had trouble getting enough water in. Bottom line: I blame this on partly water retention and chocolate & potatoes. Ha! And of course my inability to keep myself healthy and in check during a very stressful and busy time. I didn’t totally overdo it but I could have done way better. I suppose next week will tell how much of it is water.

Physically, I think I’m spent for a day or two. My lower back has been at a steady 7.5-8 on a pain scale for almost 48hrs, I hit my noggin on the corner of the table last night and have a headache and a goose egg still… and somehow managed to drop a play table on my pinky toe this morning! If those aren’t signs I need to slow the funk down, I don’t know what it is!

Going to try and get some sort of stats post on here before tomorrow night and try to slowly catch up with everyone in the meantime! Thanks for sticking with me through my posting dry spell!


Late Weigh in & life update

Also, Merry belated Christmas and Happy almost New Year!

Things haven’t gotten much less hectic around here but I will get to that in a minute.

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 183.9lbs
Current Weight (12/23): 183.2lbs
Weekly +/-:  -0.7lbs
Total Shed: 78lbs

Wasn’t a huge loss but I wasn’t surprised given the couple weeks prior, had some big ones. Put me at an even 78 gone!

I believe I wrote in my last entry about my husband’s head and eyeball. He did finally go to the emergency room this past Sunday. Turns out he had shingles on his head and glaucoma in the left eye. Doc said hitting that tree and scratching the eye caused just enough trauma to set it all off. He also told my husband that had he waited 2-3 more days they may not have been able to save his eye/vision. That was due to the intraocular pressure, which was at 33, normal range is apparently 0-20. The shingles were also trying to attack that same eye, so he made it there just in time. I hope he won’t think I’m just being an annoying asshole in the future.

Anyway, he’s got about 5 different kinds of medicated eye drops to take at different times of the day. Some relieve pressure, others “numb” pain and others are antibiotic. He also has some horse pills to take for the shingles 5x a day. Needless to say, he was/is contagious which has left me more busy than I’ve ever been; with more respect for my own mom as a single mom and wondering how the fuck she did it with five of us and a daytime job or two. Nutty. Not that I’m a single mom, just getting a small taste and dude, it’s hard.

Poor hubs has been quarantined in one bedroom since Sunday. Not completely but mostly. Our son is not happy about not playing with his dad which has led to meltdowns for both my boy and myself, haha. It’s just been busy. I wake up and disinfect and clean the place to wreck it all day and repeat at nights. Keep my son fed, mostly happy and alive, keep the husband up to date on meds and meals/beverages, cats food and box, Christmas was just. Just. Santa is tired you guys.

But, I did it. We did it. The circumstances were far from cool and we still somehow managed to stay in the spirit. I handmade ornaments using salt dough and my son’s hands and cats paws, I buffed the rust off the tricycle, I baked cookies and dropped them off to neighbors and I nailed dinner and had the kitchen looking like Christmas dinner never happened before 8pm. Pretty sure I passed out, not fell asleep.

Now here I am. Creating a small space for myself while both boys are asleep. I am so tired. I know I have to walk to the store later and I don’t want to but it’s looking like we won’t have access to get our vehicle back until between January 2-5th. So!

I’ve been bad about not eating hardly at all and hardly even drinking anything either. Stress and time were and are plating. I finally ate and ate like I was going to the chair last night and I don’t even feel bad. Lost my 126+ day streak on MFP too as a result of everything! Very bummed. But at least my MapMyWalk/Fitness challenge is going well since I have to walk everywhere anyway and since my husband can’t touch my son, my boy has been getting some quality outside time. Still ready for wheels though.

Not sure what the Tuesday weigh in has in store. I’ve not been good to me! Time to chug that h2o before I shut down my kidneys!

Hope everyone had an easier holiday than we!

Simmer down, inner Scrooge

Hello, hello, hello.

Deep breath.

It’s almost Christmas! We finally got our tree!


Please excuse the lad sans pants. He is not a fan of clothes, shoes or socks. He also tried to hug the tree, it did not work in his favor.

In the never ending saga of what seems to be just unlucky circumstances, there is more! Having a tree helps, it helps a lot. It smells good, it smells right. Plus, seeing my boy get so excited was pretty priceless. Last year he was still a crawling cueball. Bonus? It was only $15, hubs grabbed it as it was being marked down.

Our car is still not ready. Tuesday will be a full 8 weeks without it. That’s a lot of hoofin’ it. It was supposed to be ready on Wednesday, which was my husband’s birthday. In the same half hour we got the call it was ready, we got another one saying upon final inspection, the wrong bearings had been put in at the very bottom of the engine, which was causing an oil pressure problem. Turns out this is probably what caused the engine to blow in the first place (we had the motor replaced three years ago, so having it go with less than 70k on it was weird). Already long story short: it needs to be dismantled, correct bearings put on, retested and dropped back in the car and tested on the road before we can have it back. What. A. Bummer.

Our mechanic offered to pay for a rental, which was awesome. Except that got messed up, too. We made arrangements over the phone the day before. Hubs wasn’t feeling good so I called to confirm info and let them know I would be picking it up instead. Our $100 debit deposit (because we don’t have credit cards) turned into a $300 deposit somehow, even though we had a confirmation on our reservation and everything. There’s just no way. How can anyone just put $300 aside for over a week like it’s no big deal, especially around Christmas? They did not budge. Not even a little. Everywhere else was the same, too. So, no rental.

Meanwhile, we aren’t 100% but the hubs is down and out with a head and eyeball thing. He ran into a branch and he’s got a giant welt on his head and his eye has been blood red all week. He says it hurts. I’m sure it’s not pink eye. The welt formed blisters, which has made think maybe a spider ate his head for dinner after being knocked off the branch? And maybe his eye is an allergic reaction to so many bites? I dunno. I walked to the store and got him the good allergy meds and some ridiculously priced eyesdrops, both of which seem to bring at least a tiny bit of relief. I think he’s at the point where he is ready to see a doctor, we are just back to the no car issue and no one to watch our son.

That’s how our week has been! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…..

Going to go figure out a ride for my main squeeze!

Weigh-In Day

It’s still weigh in day on the West coast, anyway!

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 186.1lbs
Current Weight: 183.9lbs
Weekly +/-:  -2.2lbs
Total Shed: 77.3lbs

Alright! 2.2 down my friends! I wish I had more energy to celebrate, alas, I do not.

Things, life, people have all been rough since my last post. This whole month has been rough, actually. Two friends had heart attacks, a friend’s girlfriend succumbed to cancer at 35, another friends husband died – also in his 30s, we are all sick with a cold, nothing I ordered for my husband’s birthday tomorrow has showed up and has been deemed “lost in the mail”. They’ll ship asap, but economy and over Christmas? Kay.  I’m talking stuff I ordered weeks ago. I had my shit together. I found out my doctor is “no longer working here” for who knows how long, no one could tell me.  Why it did take months for that? Is this why my liver spot/mass thing was never scheduled? Gotta start over with a new doc in January now. Did I mention our car is still in the shop? Urgh.

Now, some minor family drama. None of my own small unit, though I’ve told my sister that I am ready to ruffle feathers if need be. Sounds dramatic, just tired of people pussy-footing around someone who orchestrates everything that happens. Although now that I’ve said it watch something actually be wrong this time. The highlights, folks.

Now, I took all that bullshit and turned my day into something festive and busy. After all, just because we all are sick and things kinda suck, it could be worse. Tomorrow is still my husband’s birthday and I am still in Christmas prep mode for my boisterous two year-old.

So, I put together our Gingerbread House. It was frustrating but came out super cute. I made salt dough and took hand prints and kitty paw prints to bake, paint and seal for christmas ornaments (okay, so they’re a little heavy and thick, it was my first attempt!), I baked four dozen cookies and made chocolate mint bark with pretzel bits for my husbands birthday. We’ve already given half the cookies away. Tomorrow, the Vietnam Veterans Association will stop by for a donation pick-up. I believe I’ve mentioned before we like to give on our birthdays.

I can still find my inner child on terrible days, I can laugh at the ridiculous and mock my own clumsy. It is so important to laugh through the hard times, whatever they may entail. To remember that that we have to fight some times but not all the time and only when it is worth it. That comes with time and experiece, I suppose, whichever comes first.

Today I laughed. Today was not so bad after all.

Super Late Weigh-in Post!

Sorry about being a couple of days late, but I did, in fact, weigh-in on Tuesday.

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 194.9lbs
Current Weight: 186.1lbs
Weekly +/-:  -8.8lbs
Total Shed: 75.1lbs

So, obviously, I am pretty sure it was massive water retention last week. Eight pounds though? I guess that’s possible. The numbers do not lie. Also, I weighed about five times in a row to be sure. Ha.

I did my measurements as well, which I believe were all down from two months ago. I need to get out my notebook and make my chart, so hopefully I can post some of those statistics within the next day or so.

We are still without a car and walking everywhere. We’ve agreed that we can’t wait to get back to our regular workouts. My son, however, is quite expectant of a morning walk since that’s been the deal for over a month. So, we will probably keep it up often for his sake, just better venues and not always to the store and back.

My Maxwell Kitty is still alive, if anyone was wondering. He’s still not eating a lot, though his appetite seems to be improving slowly but surely. Hopefully those aren’t my wish and dream goggles talking. I’ve isolated him from my son and the other cats during the day so he can get lots and lots of rest, which seems to be helping. I still don’t know what’s up with him but once we get the car back I’m taking him to the vet I’ve been in contact with over the last week. Time shall tell.

That’s all for now, sorry kind of boring. Storm prepping and my stomach is calling me Seymour, telling me to feed it.

More soon! Looking forward to catching up with everyone – you’ve been missed!

I haven’t been in the loop this week. I need to play catch-up eventually.

I’m sad. I think my cat is dying, for real. He has not improved much since before Thanksgiving. He isn’t eating enough and when he does it’s just the tiniest bit of gravy from wet food. He didn’t even want to get down on beef, chicken or tuna this week. He gained a little bit of weight and appetite picked up for about 36hrs but he’s back to a minimum now.

He’s super lethargic all the time but wants to be either outside, or in my mother-in-law’s room (which she isn’t cool with). He’s been scratching at her bedroom door and the side sliding glass door all night. I feel like he is trying to find his final napping spot and it hurts my heart.

I don’t want him to die but I do not want him to hang on unnecessarily either. It’s a duality. I spent half the day crying and cuddling with him and trying to get him to eat. This has resulted in fish-like puffy eyelids, super cute.

I had my heart-to-heart with him. He’s been a good fella, after all. I will be very happy if he turns around and gets on the mend but we are going on nearly four weeks of noticeable physical decline as well as temperament change. He doesn’t get excited or nervous and skiddish like he used to anymore. He’s slow and kind of clumsy and his eyes hang low more often than not. I am not a dummy, I’ve always been the first to point out an ill pet, unfortunately.

His name is Maxwell Silverhammer. He is my very best feline friend. I was asked by a friend when he was only 8 weeks or so if she thought we could take him. He wasnt doing well at their house, wasn’t going potty or eating. I fell in love. How could I not? His tail was crooked at the end and he seemed a bit jittery and fidgety but it all just gave him character.

I was 20 years old when he came into my life and now I am 30. He’s been there with me through the ultra-turbulent years of my brothers methamphetamine addiction, he was there through my own personal battles – mental, physical and emotional, through the foreclosure of our childhood home, through my first major move and subsequently has been here to meet my husband and our “kitten”. He aided my father-in-law with company and memories through his last months battling Alzheimer’s and has been a great friend to my son for the last two years.

How could my heart not slowly be ripping open?

He’s been a big part of my family, if he has to go, I just hope it’s peacefully.


Wish-It-Wasnt Weigh-In Tuesday!

Okay, okay.

I weighed in at 194.9lbs this morning, a friggin +6.4lb gain from last week, wtf?

I’m not in freak out mode, surprisingly. I don’t feel 6lbs heavier in a week. I know I consumed way more salt than usual this past week, I had cupcakes and cookies (though I didn’t overdo it) and more carbs and cheese than typical too.  I’m sure at least half of this is still water weight. I tracked a good 90% of everything and know I didn’t go over so there’s logic somewhere, right?

So my plan? I’m staying away from cheese for awhile, it’s a true weakness. No more cookie baking this season (thankful my son is young enough not to notice it’s Christmas time with none around. I imagine my MIL won’t be happy). On Nov 29th I signed up for a MapMyFitness challenge to get 30 20-minute workouts done in 10 weeks. 3 days a week at 20 mins a pop minimum? I can do that. Plus, I don’t like to lose against myself! Also need to up my water intake and make sure the output matches. Get my tea on, less soda, more water.

I just keep telling myself I won’t get derailed, I haven’t hopped the 200 fence again and when I squeeze my hands I can feel the water retention. I’ve got this, it is a new week.

Lets hope I keep up the positive attitude.