Wish-It-Wasnt Weigh-In Tuesday!

Okay, okay.

I weighed in at 194.9lbs this morning, a friggin +6.4lb gain from last week, wtf?

I’m not in freak out mode, surprisingly. I don’t feel 6lbs heavier in a week. I know I consumed way more salt than usual this past week, I had cupcakes and cookies (though I didn’t overdo it) and more carbs and cheese than typical too.  I’m sure at least half of this is still water weight. I tracked a good 90% of everything and know I didn’t go over so there’s logic somewhere, right?

So my plan? I’m staying away from cheese for awhile, it’s a true weakness. No more cookie baking this season (thankful my son is young enough not to notice it’s Christmas time with none around. I imagine my MIL won’t be happy). On Nov 29th I signed up for a MapMyFitness challenge to get 30 20-minute workouts done in 10 weeks. 3 days a week at 20 mins a pop minimum? I can do that. Plus, I don’t like to lose against myself! Also need to up my water intake and make sure the output matches. Get my tea on, less soda, more water.

I just keep telling myself I won’t get derailed, I haven’t hopped the 200 fence again and when I squeeze my hands I can feel the water retention. I’ve got this, it is a new week.

Lets hope I keep up the positive attitude.


2 thoughts on “Wish-It-Wasnt Weigh-In Tuesday!

  1. More than likely pure water that will leave in a few days, it was thanksgiving week after all. I mean when you look at the physics of the matter, 1lbs of fat is 3500kcal.. I have a feeling you didn’t eat over 21000kcal over your daily needs 😉

    Keep going, you can do it and will keep that smile with the positive attitude!

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