Weigh-In Day

It’s still weigh in day on the West coast, anyway!

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 186.1lbs
Current Weight: 183.9lbs
Weekly +/-:  -2.2lbs
Total Shed: 77.3lbs

Alright! 2.2 down my friends! I wish I had more energy to celebrate, alas, I do not.

Things, life, people have all been rough since my last post. This whole month has been rough, actually. Two friends had heart attacks, a friend’s girlfriend succumbed to cancer at 35, another friends husband died – also in his 30s, we are all sick with a cold, nothing I ordered for my husband’s birthday tomorrow has showed up and has been deemed “lost in the mail”. They’ll ship asap, but economy and over Christmas? Kay.  I’m talking stuff I ordered weeks ago. I had my shit together. I found out my doctor is “no longer working here” for who knows how long, no one could tell me.  Why it did take months for that? Is this why my liver spot/mass thing was never scheduled? Gotta start over with a new doc in January now. Did I mention our car is still in the shop? Urgh.

Now, some minor family drama. None of my own small unit, though I’ve told my sister that I am ready to ruffle feathers if need be. Sounds dramatic, just tired of people pussy-footing around someone who orchestrates everything that happens. Although now that I’ve said it watch something actually be wrong this time. The highlights, folks.

Now, I took all that bullshit and turned my day into something festive and busy. After all, just because we all are sick and things kinda suck, it could be worse. Tomorrow is still my husband’s birthday and I am still in Christmas prep mode for my boisterous two year-old.

So, I put together our Gingerbread House. It was frustrating but came out super cute. I made salt dough and took hand prints and kitty paw prints to bake, paint and seal for christmas ornaments (okay, so they’re a little heavy and thick, it was my first attempt!), I baked four dozen cookies and made chocolate mint bark with pretzel bits for my husbands birthday. We’ve already given half the cookies away. Tomorrow, the Vietnam Veterans Association will stop by for a donation pick-up. I believe I’ve mentioned before we like to give on our birthdays.

I can still find my inner child on terrible days, I can laugh at the ridiculous and mock my own clumsy. It is so important to laugh through the hard times, whatever they may entail. To remember that that we have to fight some times but not all the time and only when it is worth it. That comes with time and experiece, I suppose, whichever comes first.

Today I laughed. Today was not so bad after all.


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