Simmer down, inner Scrooge

Hello, hello, hello.

Deep breath.

It’s almost Christmas! We finally got our tree!


Please excuse the lad sans pants. He is not a fan of clothes, shoes or socks. He also tried to hug the tree, it did not work in his favor.

In the never ending saga of what seems to be just unlucky circumstances, there is more! Having a tree helps, it helps a lot. It smells good, it smells right. Plus, seeing my boy get so excited was pretty priceless. Last year he was still a crawling cueball. Bonus? It was only $15, hubs grabbed it as it was being marked down.

Our car is still not ready. Tuesday will be a full 8 weeks without it. That’s a lot of hoofin’ it. It was supposed to be ready on Wednesday, which was my husband’s birthday. In the same half hour we got the call it was ready, we got another one saying upon final inspection, the wrong bearings had been put in at the very bottom of the engine, which was causing an oil pressure problem. Turns out this is probably what caused the engine to blow in the first place (we had the motor replaced three years ago, so having it go with less than 70k on it was weird). Already long story short: it needs to be dismantled, correct bearings put on, retested and dropped back in the car and tested on the road before we can have it back. What. A. Bummer.

Our mechanic offered to pay for a rental, which was awesome. Except that got messed up, too. We made arrangements over the phone the day before. Hubs wasn’t feeling good so I called to confirm info and let them know I would be picking it up instead. Our $100 debit deposit (because we don’t have credit cards) turned into a $300 deposit somehow, even though we had a confirmation on our reservation and everything. There’s just no way. How can anyone just put $300 aside for over a week like it’s no big deal, especially around Christmas? They did not budge. Not even a little. Everywhere else was the same, too. So, no rental.

Meanwhile, we aren’t 100% but the hubs is down and out with a head and eyeball thing. He ran into a branch and he’s got a giant welt on his head and his eye has been blood red all week. He says it hurts. I’m sure it’s not pink eye. The welt formed blisters, which has made think maybe a spider ate his head for dinner after being knocked off the branch? And maybe his eye is an allergic reaction to so many bites? I dunno. I walked to the store and got him the good allergy meds and some ridiculously priced eyesdrops, both of which seem to bring at least a tiny bit of relief. I think he’s at the point where he is ready to see a doctor, we are just back to the no car issue and no one to watch our son.

That’s how our week has been! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…..

Going to go figure out a ride for my main squeeze!


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