Late Weigh in & life update

Also, Merry belated Christmas and Happy almost New Year!

Things haven’t gotten much less hectic around here but I will get to that in a minute.

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 183.9lbs
Current Weight (12/23): 183.2lbs
Weekly +/-:  -0.7lbs
Total Shed: 78lbs

Wasn’t a huge loss but I wasn’t surprised given the couple weeks prior, had some big ones. Put me at an even 78 gone!

I believe I wrote in my last entry about my husband’s head and eyeball. He did finally go to the emergency room this past Sunday. Turns out he had shingles on his head and glaucoma in the left eye. Doc said hitting that tree and scratching the eye caused just enough trauma to set it all off. He also told my husband that had he waited 2-3 more days they may not have been able to save his eye/vision. That was due to the intraocular pressure, which was at 33, normal range is apparently 0-20. The shingles were also trying to attack that same eye, so he made it there just in time. I hope he won’t think I’m just being an annoying asshole in the future.

Anyway, he’s got about 5 different kinds of medicated eye drops to take at different times of the day. Some relieve pressure, others “numb” pain and others are antibiotic. He also has some horse pills to take for the shingles 5x a day. Needless to say, he was/is contagious which has left me more busy than I’ve ever been; with more respect for my own mom as a single mom and wondering how the fuck she did it with five of us and a daytime job or two. Nutty. Not that I’m a single mom, just getting a small taste and dude, it’s hard.

Poor hubs has been quarantined in one bedroom since Sunday. Not completely but mostly. Our son is not happy about not playing with his dad which has led to meltdowns for both my boy and myself, haha. It’s just been busy. I wake up and disinfect and clean the place to wreck it all day and repeat at nights. Keep my son fed, mostly happy and alive, keep the husband up to date on meds and meals/beverages, cats food and box, Christmas was just. Just. Santa is tired you guys.

But, I did it. We did it. The circumstances were far from cool and we still somehow managed to stay in the spirit. I handmade ornaments using salt dough and my son’s hands and cats paws, I buffed the rust off the tricycle, I baked cookies and dropped them off to neighbors and I nailed dinner and had the kitchen looking like Christmas dinner never happened before 8pm. Pretty sure I passed out, not fell asleep.

Now here I am. Creating a small space for myself while both boys are asleep. I am so tired. I know I have to walk to the store later and I don’t want to but it’s looking like we won’t have access to get our vehicle back until between January 2-5th. So!

I’ve been bad about not eating hardly at all and hardly even drinking anything either. Stress and time were and are plating. I finally ate and ate like I was going to the chair last night and I don’t even feel bad. Lost my 126+ day streak on MFP too as a result of everything! Very bummed. But at least my MapMyWalk/Fitness challenge is going well since I have to walk everywhere anyway and since my husband can’t touch my son, my boy has been getting some quality outside time. Still ready for wheels though.

Not sure what the Tuesday weigh in has in store. I’ve not been good to me! Time to chug that h2o before I shut down my kidneys!

Hope everyone had an easier holiday than we!


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