Weigh-in, last of 2014!

Truly, I wish I could give myself good news on this one but nay. Haha. My wedding ring didn’t fall off this morning so I knew what was next….

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 183.2lbs
Current Weight: 188.9lbs
Weekly +/-:  +5.7lbs
Total Shed: 72.3lbs

I was kind of expecting this, since I spent a good four or five days not eating or drinking at all (busy + stress) and then once Christmas madness had passed, my appetite came out of NOWHERE and I still had trouble getting enough water in. Bottom line: I blame this on partly water retention and chocolate & potatoes. Ha! And of course my inability to keep myself healthy and in check during a very stressful and busy time. I didn’t totally overdo it but I could have done way better. I suppose next week will tell how much of it is water.

Physically, I think I’m spent for a day or two. My lower back has been at a steady 7.5-8 on a pain scale for almost 48hrs, I hit my noggin on the corner of the table last night and have a headache and a goose egg still… and somehow managed to drop a play table on my pinky toe this morning! If those aren’t signs I need to slow the funk down, I don’t know what it is!

Going to try and get some sort of stats post on here before tomorrow night and try to slowly catch up with everyone in the meantime! Thanks for sticking with me through my posting dry spell!


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