(Late) Weigh-in #2 of 2015

You know, I got this post ready to go yesterday and then it completely fell off of my radar! Apologies.

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs 
Weight Last Week: 184.3lbs
Current Weight: 182.1lbs
Weekly +/-:  -2.2lbs
Total Shed: 79.1lbs

Alright! Finally below my weight a few weeks back (last weigh-in of 2014 I was 183.9lbs). The holiday bloating and gains are gone! I feel good about it, I really do.

I don’t remember if I mentioned in my last post that we were getting our car back that day? We did! I’m obviously walking less but I haven’t stopped walking. My son got so used to going for a walk at least once or twice a day I’ve got to keep some of the momentum. Sometimes we do a quick one around the block (it’s just over a mile), today we plan on getting to a park today so we can all burn some energy. There was a day we didnt get a walk in due to weather, so I jumped back on the stationary bike for 20min at a level 6 resistance thinking, “no problem!” – It was a problem. My knees and butt are so sore! Needed to happen but I guess I didn’t realize what pretty much just walking all the time was doing to my riding abilities. It’s nice to have my workout options back and nice to go on walks that don’t require four pit stops and a stroller full of groceries. Much more relaxed now.

Speaking of workouts…..


Completed 30 workouts since joining the MapMyFitness winter workout challenge in December! Still 25 days left!

I have actually completed more but it only allows.one qualifying per day. Naturally this week’s challenge is to log as many walking workouts as you can. Ha. I also joined another challenge that started on the 6th?


It says 15 days out of a month but the workout gauge goes to 31?

I kind of like these things. Makes me feel pretty sure I will get even the simplest workout in, which I have been. I walked more October thru December than I had since Junior High School, I think. They say a leisurely walk is a gift…. 🙂

Last week on Tuesday my son had his 2 year wellness physical. He’s healthy, she’s not concerned he isn’t talking as well as his vocab is at a minimum and he’s understanding/comprehending. Apparently he’s Amazonian because he’s the height and weight of an average 3 year-old. Doing something right!

Last Thursday I met with a new doctorell, NP. She seems like she use to be military by her approach. She yelled a little and gave some back handed compliments about my former weight versus current weight. When I inquired about whether or not the migraine/migraine-like headaches I’ve been experiencing during my lady times, she said she was surprised I ever used to get a period, “you know, since you were so heavy” – the funk is that about?! All the while congratulating me for the loss and trying to figure out if I was lying about my success being due to diet/exercise and personal determination. Very awkward and unpleasant experience. Just need run lipid and cbc panels and get results and then hopefully I won’t need to deal with her again. I want a health provider willing be a cheerleader AND a drill sergeant and know when to be which. My last PA was too soft, this one is too hard.

Eye exams scheduled next! Been looking for jobs, too. Busy, busy. I need things to move forward. Nothing changes if nothing is changing, right?


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