Nice tie, Mr. Pants


Maxwell's resting quarters, the imprint the vets office did and his imprint from Christmas!

I feel like I’m just waiting. Waiting for what, though? Probably for January to be over. January and I don’t have a great history together. September and I usually have a problem too. I had my wisdom teeth and an erupted tooth out in September and well, you know, Max died a week ago tomorrow and I’ve been a pizza face all month. To be fair, I suppose I have to admit that January as a whole hasn’t been terrible, perhaps a little irritating with some sprinkles of sad, but there’s been a lot of good stuff too. I still just want it to be over, though, if not just to flip my calendar page for next month’s photos.

I feel taxed today. I’ve decided it’s… It’s everything. I guess it’s a good tired, if I had to classify it. Just feels like it’s stealing time from me I need, I have things to do, write, create.  Yet, here I am.

I should probably admit some food mishaps this week. I don’t even feel that bad but:

Wednesday, after we picked up Senor Kitty’s ashes, we also picked up dinner from Olive Garden. I’d had this $25 gifrcard for a long time so.. anyway. I got their 4 course dinner plus an extra appetizer and split it between 3 adults and my son gnawed on a breadstick. It was surprisingly enough food for all of us. It made me feel kinda gross that at one point I might have been able to finish 75%, if not all, of everything that came in my meal. What a difference a year can make!

Tonight, I had Wendy’s for the first time in a year. Chili and a potato. I’ve never been much of a burger gal.

Anyway, there it is. I hope it doesn’t reflect poorly next week. My body does not like this fast processed stuff though. It is no longer acclimated. That’s…relieving, I think.

We attempted the library today. My son lasted about 45 seconds before being the loudest person in the vicinity. How the shit do people get their kids to actually sit and be quiet for reading time without to t, sticky fingers stealing the book? Urgh. They all looked smaller than my boy, but I have got to remember the doctor told me he’s a big kid. He looks 3… but nay, he is 2. I’m always afraid I’m not doing enough for his development; a different issue for a different day. Point being, nobody enjoyed our presence us at the library today! Thats okay, we ran around outside instead. šŸ™‚


One thought on “Nice tie, Mr. Pants

  1. L. says:

    It definitely feels like February 1 will give us both a step back from the craziness of January. You’re just doing great! And I think, in my humble and childless opinion, that just visiting at the library is one of the best things you can do for your kiddo and running around outside is another best thing. Sounds like a good way to spend the day.

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