Weigh In Day & progress photos

Well, it’s 11:57pm on Tuesday, so it won’t be weigh-in day when this posts. It still counts, right?

Also, I apologize for missing last week’s weigh in. I’d had that experience with my niece (I’ve since made that post private out of respect – Rachael, I want you to know I really valued your input a lot, it helped put me in check. Thank you! I didn’t know how to send you a note more privately). I did weigh last week and I was still at 181. Two weeks of that.

Onto the goods:

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 181.0lbs
Current Weight: 175.7lbs
Weekly +/-:  -5.3lbs
Total Shed: 85.5lbs

Well dang, son. Pretty big loss for one week but my period started on weigh in day last week so, no further explanation. It’s kind of frustrating how that one time or week per month is so friggin unrealiable as far as weigh ins and measurements go. The fluctuation can be so gnarly and it can be hard to tell yourself, even if you know, that it’s water weight. You get all bloated and gross-feeling and some times pizza-facey. So the last thing you really want is a shitty weigh-in too right? Part of the cycle, I suppose. No pun intended, happy accident. It just seems hard to accept it and not weigh that week but also weird to know that you could be disappointed. I dunno, do you?

I was not disappointed, in fact quite pleased it had at least not gone up. Im just relating to the gals around here. It’s irritating and feels inconsistent on paper. Like you have to explain biology for making you look bad. Am I right?

So I felt pretty excited by my weigh in today. I’d been stuck in the 180s for quite some time. 2-3 months, maybe? I even shook my head “no”, moved the scale and weighed 2 more times. Booya. It’s for real.

That means I had to do progress pictures. Here they be!





Look at me, eh?! I don’t even look like the same person. This is why we take “before” pictures even when we cannot stand to see ourselves so raw. Because later, after some meltdowns and tears and weird emotional bullshit and new exercises that just might make you feel like the end is nigh…. You can do a side-by-side and feel like a badass. I feel like a badass.

I’ve taken progress pics roughly every 10-15lbs, closer to 10. This one caught me off guard, I didn’t think I had gotten rid of 5lbs but I’m okay with it. The point being, every time I’ve done a side-by-side, I’ve been impressed with myself. It’s given me the mojo to work off 10lbs more so I can do another side-by-side. Most importantly, I’ve been so proud of myself and I no longer flinch when I look at my before pictures. I’m fucking proud of her too, you know?

It’s been an interesting week. I started an at-home independent consulting gig with a product I enjoy. I don’t anticipate it will bring a lot in but something at least. So I don’t have to ask someone if I can buy tampons or worry about needing new shoes. It’s the little things, really. I’m participating in several online groups on Facebook which is really helping me branch out and network, which will be necessary for this consulting gig (I also kinda don’t feel comfortable being all hey! Help me earn $$! I really love all their products though so I have those speak for themselves).

I’ve been so isolated since we moved to So Cal. I haven’t made friends really. One girl kind of but you know, not really. Haha. No one to go blow steam off with and no sitters to go do anything with the hubs, either. It’s temporary though and that’s enough light at the end of the tunnel for me.

I’ve made a friend, at least I like to think, by way of modern pen-pal-ship. Something like that anyway. It’s been refreshing to communicate with someone I consider like-minded just doused in completely different experiences. Always makes for such interesting discussion. I like people – I like quality people – and she is a quality person.

I am still catching myself looking for MSH on the other side of the sliding glass door when I drive by. I know that will get easier with time and old habits are hard to break.

Ahh. I need to make time for some writing and art projects the rest of this week. I can’t wait until I am able to get better art supplies!

Rambling. I managed, somehow, a three hour nap by accident this afternoon. I went to plug in my phone to answer an email and suddenly it was 5:28pm. 🙂