I’ve missed a few weigh-in days….

At least on here, I did them at home though they’re nothing to brag about. Since I pride myself on being honest even when it’s ugly here we go!

Last post here I was 175.7lbs, the week after that I was at 176.1lbs. Wasn’t even too bummed about it because my mom had been in town and we didn’t eat like crap but I didn’t drink enough water either so I figured it was water weight. Then, last week, I weighed in at 179.5lbs. WHAT? Anyway. It was my PMS (sincerely though, PMDD, which is worse) week and all that.

I had to come to terms with my weigh-ins. They were definitely emotionally based and my attitude going into them was negative. I upped my water intake over the course of the week after that and got mostly back-on-track and some big to-do items off my list.


Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 179.5
Current Weight: 175.5lbs
Weekly +/-:  -4lbs
Total Shed: 85.7lbs

While my goal in February was to stay out of the 180s and remain out of them and I did, I don’t even feel good about it. Grateful, but not good. There is a difference.  At least I’m about back to where I was a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know why plateaus still surprise me, they should be expected at this point.

February was weird though. I was so anxious for February to start back in January that I remained pretty anxious all throughout February. I suppose some of it was the start of my Independent Consulting thing, which I actually did OK in the first month. It’s not bringing a lot in right now but over time and with a few other at-home gigs I home I can provide something somewhat substantial to my household income. We’ll see.

I also injured my foot the week my Mom was here. I thought it was my second toe on the  left foot but its the padded area below that and in the ball of the foot on the bottom. It’s a terrible spot. I can stretch and walk lightly but definitely no body weight circuits were happening or can happen any time soon. It’s a delicate place, whatever it is called. My son has managed to stop on or a drop a book in the exact spot nearly every day for the last few weeks. The power children possess..

Ahhh. All that being said, I feel good about even writing in here. Sometimes I feel like people will forget I was even here if I drop off the face of the planet. Truly I was just sad and keeping busy to keep from being sad and for the most part, it worked. I have been a productive little B-Stinger. Yesterday I let my artistic side out and finally sat down and drew/colored/put together a gift for my expectant cousin and her baby girl. Cinderella and GusGus. That was fun. Next is Pooh Bear for a young girl I have been sort of helping or guide through her pregnancy, as she will be a single Mama.

Speaking of Mama, my cub is going nuts. Until later!


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