Late weigh in post!

I want to apologize for totally sucking at posting for a couple months now.

I’m not totally out of it, I am still weighing in on Tuesday mornings, I’ve just been busy. And tired. So tired.

Tuesday’s Weigh-In:

Starting Weight Feb 2014: 261.2lbs
Weight Last Week: 175.5lbs
Current Weight: 173.1lbs
Weekly +/-:  -2.4lbs
Total Shed: 88.1lbs

Pretty successful week! I secretly weighed in yesterday and it was the same. I don’t usually weigh twice in a week (and I think that’s only twice in the past year!), just felt like it.



I haven’t been eating a lot or at all lately. I’m tired all the time. My son has been acting like a text book terrible two kiddo. He’s not sick, he’s not injured, figured daylight savings would mess him up for a few days but DANG. I hope its just a phase and at the end of it, perhaps, some real speaking will come from this kid. I know he’s trying and he gets frustrated. Mega meltdowns, that’s all – and he’s pretty loud no matter happy or upset. Hahaha.

I found out one of my old coworkers/managers/mentors/mom figures died. Not in a cool way either. My former manager posted a picture of her and I commented something to the effect of “give her a squeeze for me!” & all the sudden I’ve got a private message from him telling me that she had died a few days prior of aggressive bladder cancer. She was only 56. I didn’t even know. I had planned on visiting her next month while we are up North to show her I made it, ahaha. Oh man. Well, I guess she can see now and I know she would be really proud but I really, really want one of those Mama Bear hugs again. 😦

That’s all of the sad news at least, albeit a big loss. Other than a sprained foot that has kept me from really exercising the way I’d like to.

Been getting back outside for small walks with my son in the lead. I usually have to chase him away from the street! Today we attempted the library again. He lasted about 15 minutes before totally losing his mind over a giant bean bag turtle. I don’t think I have ever heard him squeal like that! It was cute, but like I said, he’s LOUD. So loud and I get it – I won’t let my kid ruin your quiet library time. This is why I need land. Being loud is mostly just a form of energy release/burst and this kid has got plenty of energy!

This independent consulting thing for the nail wraps is going okay! I am anxious for it to get rolling a little more but it’s been just over a month. I’ve done better than I though so maybe I just need to chill out. 🙂 haha. I just know everyone would love them and I get excited and can’t wait for other people to be excited either. It’s weird but that’s how I roll.

Much, much more to do today. I already feel better after this.

Happy Friday the 13th! Some of my favorite cats have been black. 🙂


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